The Hangar

Brought the not-so-little sis out for lunch the other day when the parents were away gallivanting through Europe. Gosh, how I miss that place! I do hope that our plans for Germany in December materialise :)) Christmas markets

I’m so glad that I’ve finally got an excuse to check out the numerous cafes in the Bugis/Lavender area. I’m so lazy typically, that the inconvenience of travelling there usually deters me, even though there are so many of the cafes on my foodie list. But since my flower class is located in the area, I’ve been exploring the cafes that are sometimes a mere walking distance away! Although walking in the sun for 10min carrying a massive pot of flowers is usually rather exhausting and probably gets me strange looks along the way…it’s worth it ^^

The Hangar Lemongrass Beef SandwichThe plan was to check out I Am, because Zhen had never eaten rainbow cakes before! I just had to introduce her to that gorgeous creation that I Am had. Unfortunately, the place was a construction site when she arrived there before me. The horror! They just had to be under renovation starting that week just before we went there. Argh. Thank goodness they aren’t closed for good though. I can see myself going back sometime cos the menu sounded pretty good! Thankfully I had a ready backup plan, which was The Hangar. The raves on Burpple about its Lemongrass Steak Sandwich ($14.90) got me pretty excited! Funnily, the taste of the lemongrass was pretty non-existent, but that might not have been a bad thing since Zhen doesn’t like lemongrass anyway. The beef was quite juicy and was paired with caramelised onions, shimeiji mushrooms and a spicy dijon mustard sauce.

The Hangar Fully Sick SandwichZhen ordered the Fully Sick Sandwich ($13.90) – for the life of me, I can’t understand why they would give it such a name. It was roasted chicken breast slathered generously with a flavourful basil pesto yogurt dressing which I found pretty interesting. To top it off, there were chunks of buffalo mozzarella in between which was a unique touch to this sandwich. Probably one of the more interesting roast chicken sandwiches around, but my heart still stays with those from The Lokal.

With my cough/fever finally subsiding and July on the way, you might expect a deluge of food posts coming up (hopefully!). So excited for what is to come ;) And perhaps I can finally get back into my exercise regime again.

The Hangar
25 Arab Street
Tel.: +65 6291 0127
Mon 8.30am-7pm
Wed-Sun 8.30am-11pm
Closed on Tue


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