The Market Grill

It’s nice to have a reason to celebrate and splurge on good food once in awhile. And my growing to-eat list is always ready for contributing an idea of where we could go next. I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into a lobster roll, having heard so much about it in the past year, and it was awhile before I found a reason for us to visit The Market Grill for my first ever taste of this famous bun! Reason being – the place doesn’t take reservations, so it ain’t good for special occasions where you really don’t want to end up having to queue because of how popular the place is. Beats me why they don’t take reservations, but their popularity was evident from the way the place filled up within the first half an hour of its opening.
Anyways, moving on to the food – let me present the famous Lobster Roll ($45)!!! While I’ve got nothing to compare it against, since it was my first time trying it, I certainly couldn’t get enough of it (: Succulent chunks of lobster meat slathered in a delicious herbed mayo-pommery were presented in fluffy, toasted brioche. While “approximately 500g” sounded like quite a lot, my first thought was of how small it looked. Perhaps I’ll have to try the other options to know better, but this was definitely not enough for five people to share. I polished off my portion in three mouthfuls, yikes. I enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless, and I can’t wait to have my next lobster roll experience again soon!
We were spoilt for choice with the burgers, because they all sounded so good. Went for the CW BBQ ($32 for 200g patty), which was a feast for our eyes as much as it was for our tummies. I’ve had enough of beef patties that are relatively dry and flavourless, relying on the other ingredients to spruce up the dish. The Market Grill’s version had none of that though! The limelight was on the delightfully thick and well-marinated grilled beef patty, while the other accompaniments served to complement it perfectly – homemade BBQ sauce, melted aged cheddar and gherkins on a yummy bun. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention about the fries – but, boy! They were incredibly tasty!!
We ordered the Atlantic Cod Fish ($36) to satisfy grandma’s needs, and it came wonderfully done as well. Fresh, and pan-roasted precisely to give it a fluffy texture, it came with sautéed mushrooms on the side (which we were obsessed over) and a truffle-infused mustard jus. The truffle flavour wasn’t very pronounced, but the sauce was still delectable.
Finally, the star of the meal was the Wagyu Chuck Rib ($72 for 600g). This was a monster of a steak, and we chose it to be done medium rare, with red wine jus and mashed potatoes on the side. Oh, where do I start! This was FANTASTIC. Every single bit of it, from the beautiful red marbling of the beef, that was simply marinated with salt and drizzled with the jus; to the onion confit atop it that we devoured with excitement. The buttery, smooth mashed potatoes was wickedly addictive, and was perfect when eaten with the beef. This
The Market Grill
208 Telok Ayer Street
Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm
Closed on Sundays

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