Chicken Up

I haven’t eaten KFC in possibly….a few years? Oh wait, I just ate it at the end of last year haha. But before then it was quite awhile since I last ate it. Though I have to admit that I really love the unique flavour of this fried chicken, the thought of breaking out in pimples as a result of a KFC meal is enough to deter me from eating it. Recently however, I got this sudden craving for another kind of KFC – Korean Fried Chicken. With the recent opening of new Korean places like Chir Chir, I’ve been starting to think that I should possibly get started on trying out some of these “KFC” options. From being disappointed years ago by the version of Bonchon Chicken in Singapore (the version in NYC was a million times better, no kidding), I rekindled my love for this rendition of fried chicken after visiting Chicken Up with the superheroes ^^
Before we go into the fried chicken, one of the biggest draws of this place (for me), was the Instagram-worthy Watermelon Soju ($38)!!! It came served in a watermelon (nobody would expect any less! – but there’s actually a smaller version for 2pax that is served in a jar), and the waitress poured the soju in, right in front of us. We were super excited about it! But perhaps because of that, it seemed a tad overrated after we tried it :p I think I’ll stick to making my own version at half the price next time hahaha. It was good that the flavour of the alcohol was pretty strong, but somehow it just wasn’t quite our cup of tea. We really liked the Hite beer ($15 for a big bottle) though! I’m surprised. Haha Sam is so happy that I’m actually starting to find beers that I like…OMG. What’s happening to me?! Haha.
On to the chicken! :D First up was the Ganjang flavour ($12 for wings; $20 for half chicken), which was possibly my favourite! So simple and good. The chicken wings were fried to perfection – super crisp, without being too oily and coated with delicious soya sauce. So sinful!!!! Omg. But I LOVED IT. Better than 4 Fingers haha, though I quite enjoy their version too.
The Spicy Up ($18) was the one I would liken most to KFC I guess! Covered in a generous batter that was super tasty, it had a fiery zing that stimulated our taste buds. Not sure why I didn’t find it as spicy as the rest did. The spiciness was quite comfortable for me actually! I liked this the least though, as it was a tad too deep fried for my liking.
I’m all for sweet-savoury things, so I really liked the Yangnyum flavour ($12 for wings; $20 for half chicken) which came slathered with a korean sweet chilli sauce. I couldn’t get enough of the sauce! I was overjoyed to see that there was excess sauce, and I kept mopping it up with the chicken :p hahaha.
There is an option for a chicken buffet at $25 if I’m not wrong, but I honestly think that wasn’t really necessary, considering how huge the wings were! We ate about 4 pieces each, and were super full already. So it probably wouldn’t have been worth it to get the buffet.
We also ordered the Kimchi Fries ($18) which came highly recommended, and boy, they were sooooo addictive :O I had this in Melbourne as well, but the portion here was WOW!!! A mountain of fries, topped with the delicious kimchi, that even had meat shreds in them! Plus those green chillies. Yummy! Apparently the Bulgogi Fries are not too bad themselves either, but we were too full by then to order more.
Overall I was really satisfied with all the food I ate here! ^^ And I would want to come back, even if it was just to try the other fries and eat MORE CHICKEN! Kok Kko Nara next perhaps!
My girls (:
It was such a hilarious gathering with tonnes of laughter over good food. I was so full that day, and we laughed so hard that my tummy nearly cramped hahahaha. Had so much fun catching up with them, and really treasure times that these that we have. It’s so different now that we all have our own jobs. How it’s so much more challenging to find a common date to meet, and how we couldn’t settle on a time to meet, because sometimes you just get stuck at work. Poor SK had to wait more than an hour for us >< Ah well, how we’ve moved on to the next stage of life. It’s been a year since we finished exams!! Glad that we’re still able to make time for each other like this though :’) To many years more ~
Chicken Up
48 Tanjong Pagar Road
Mon-Thu 5.30pm-2am
Fri & Sat 5.30pm-3am
Sun 5.30pm-12mn

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