Super Loco

Saturdate with my love, and we went for brunch! It’s been such a long while since we had any sort of cafehopping/brunch dates together. Work, and our respective busy weekends have made it nearly impossible for us to spend time like this together. So happy that we finally had this date, and we’ve really got to get back into this routine ^^ This wasn’t really a cafe per se, but a rather unique (Mexican!) twist to our usual brunch. And it was so nice because the both of us had the EXACT same idea of what to order and share from the menu. Hehe.

Super Loco Breakfast Burrito

Sam got the Breakfast Burrito ($18), which was a really wholesome dish! Though the portion looked small when I initially saw it, the ingredients made it quite filling! A crispy burrito with a juicy tender steak, scrambled eggs and Mexican beans in it – this was so delicious!! The steak was just lightly seasoned to bring out its natural flavour, and the eggs went perfectly with it. Top it off with the salsa rojo and pico de gallo on the side for a satisfying finish.

Super Loco Pulled Pork Torta

I had the Pulled Pork Torta ($15) that consisted of slow cooked pulled pork that I felt was done really well! The texture was incredible, and it was so juicy. The sauce had a rather interesting Mexican element to it, which I couldn’t quite identify, and it took a few mouthfuls to get used to. The pulled pork was complemented by Mexican beans and apples which added a refreshing touch to the dish. I really loved the buns too, which were delightfully fluffy and absorbed the sauces of the ingredients while retaining its shape.

Super Loco Mango Smoothie

We decided to try out one of Super Loco’s super smoothies after hearing so much about it! Chock full of beneficial ingredients, all the smoothies are freshly blended with banana, almond milk, coconut water, flax seeds and Agave nectar – superfoods to supercharge the day ahead. I was a little disappointed by the flavour though. We went for the Mango Smoothie ($10), but the banana overwhelmed most of the mango in it.

Overall, I really liked the food at Super Loco, and I felt that the breakfast portions were more generous than the dinner I had at Lucha Loco a couple of weeks back! Perhaps I would come back sometime again when I’m craving some Mexican grub.

Super Loco
60 Robertson Quay
Tel.: +65 6235 8900
Tue-Thu 5pm-12am
Fri 5pm-1am
Sat 10am-3.30pm (brunch); 5pm-1am (dinner)
Sun 10am-3.30pm (brunch); 5pm-11pm (dinner)

Singapore Fashion Week 2015

Singapore Fashion Week

And we went for Singapore Fashion Week later that day!!!! So stoked to be able to attend the event for the first time ever! ^^ Although it was just Zalora…haha. But it was soooo cool. We waited super long for the show to start though. But it was pretty fun chilling outside at the waiting area and checking out the sponsors. Have a good weekend ahead!


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