KPO Cafe Bar

I’ve been really lucky this month to be blessed with a couple of tastings with Burpple this month :) It’s always so difficult to secure a coveted space in their tastings, and that’s great for them – shows how popular they’re getting! The most recent I went to was to try out some of the new items on KPO Cafe Bar’s menu and their interesting Ladies Night High Tea Set.

Say what????

KPO Ladies Night High Tea Set

Nope that wasn’t a typo. Presenting KPO’s novel interpretation of Ladies Night – the $88 nett set includes a High Tea Set with homemade canapés, 6 Strongbow Apple Ciders and 6 Strongbow Apple Cider shooters. The set is available on Wednesdays from 5pm-1am, and is recommended for 4-6 pax.

The canapés included a selection of goodies, mostly from KPO’s sister cafe, Nassim Hill. Though I’m not a fan of creme brûlée as you probably already know, I was impressed by the Earl Grey spin that KPO took for its rendition of this sweet dessert. The flavour of the Earl Grey featured prominently and hte mini size was perfect for me. All the items are all in bite-sized portions, which you can pop into your mouth easily without any fuss.

KPO Ladies Night Strongbow Apple Ciders

The star of the night had to be the selection of ciders that  we had the chance to sample – Gold, Red Berries, Elderflower and Honey. We started off with the Gold, which I believe is the original flavour. It was delightfully refreshing, and we unanimously agreed that we liked how it was less sweet than other apple ciders. This allowed the natural perfume of the apple to be brought out more strongly. We then went on to try the Elderflower and Honey, of which I can’t decide which is my favourite!! I LOVED the both of them. The Elderflower is light, with a delicious floral aroma; whereas the Honey was a little richer, and rolled lusciously on my tongue. The Red Berries was a tad too sweet for my liking, compared to the rest.

Another way to sample the ciders was in the form of the crystal jelly shooters, and I liked how they retained the flavours of the cider pretty well, even in their jelly-form.

KPO Queen Bee Cocktail

KPO has an extensive drinks menu, and I was spoilt for choice when it came to picking a drink there. I finally decided to go for the Queen Bee ($20) cocktail, and I was pretty happy with my choice. It was a girly drink that had prosecco, orange juice and passion fruit in it.

KPO Pork Cubes

In addition to the High Tea Set, we also ordered some of KPO’s new items on their menu, as well as some of the staples that their regulars keep coming back for. I highly recommend the Pork Cubes ($15) as an accompaniment to your drinks if you’re looking for some bar bites. These crispy bites were absolutely addictive, and divine when dipped into the spicy, dark garlic soy sauce that came with it.

KPO Wagyu Capsule

My favourite dish of the night was one of KPO’s new menu items – the Wagyu Capsule ($25). It was a homemade French baguette from Nassim Hill, stuffed with wagyu beef cubes that were grilled to perfection in their juices and brimming with flavour from a concoction of Dijon mustard, mayo, roasted garlic and jalepenos.

KPO Hokkien Mee

KPO has several signature items that feature their interpretation on local Singaporean dishes. Priced at $16, KPO Hokkien Mee has got to be one of the most expensive plates of Hokkien Mee around, and we were about to find out whether it was really worth the price. Bathed in a savoury gravy, the texture of the noodles was just right, and held up despite the time we took for all the photo-taking. It had a generous amount of ingredients – pork belly strips, prawns and squids, as well as crispy pork lard, which gave it a fragrance that is reminiscent of a hawker’s wok hei. What sealed the deal was really the zesty chilli sauce that it came with – livened up with kaffir lime, it had a unique element that brought the flavours of the dish together. Would I pay $16 for this? Perhaps not, but it was definitely on par with many other good Hokkien Mees around.

KPO Satay

While I really liked the Hokkien Mee, the Satay ($18) was a bit of a let down. The char-grilled chicken and pork was tasty, but lacked the oomph that perhaps can only be achieved by grilling over a charcoal flame as what you get at traditional stalls. The peanut dip too was lacking, somewhat, and overall the dish failed to impress.

KPO Not-A-Ramlee Burger

Not-A-Ramlee Burger ($17) is another of KPO’s new dishes that we tried. Nothing like a Ramlee Burger, in a good way of course. It came with premium Yorkshire pork sandwiched between a homemade sesame bun with an overeasy egg and a touch of sriracha with mayo.

KPO Fusion

To end off the meal, we had one of KPO’s signature desserts. I was so full by then, but all the desserts sounded so tempting!!  We went for the Fusion ($15), which reminded me of a beautifully-plated Japanese parfait. I loved the homemade buttermilk vanilla cake, that went perfectly well with the Hokkaido matcha ice cream. On the side, there were azuki beans, mochi balls, fresh berries and caramelised corn flakes. Special mention for the corn flakes – they were lightly savoury which was a nice contrast to the sweet dessert and helped to balance it. It was a great way to end off the meal and I really enjoyed this!

KPO Cafe Bar
1 Killiney Road
Tel.: +65 6733 3648
Mon-Thu 4pm-1am
Fri 4pm-2am
Sat 6pm-2am
Closed on Sundays


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