The Prawn Star

This cheekily-named restaurant is sure to raise eyebrows and question marks about the kind of food served here, Visited this place courtesy of Burpple, and we had a specially-tailored tasting menu that incorporated both new, soon-to-be-launched items and old favourites amongst its customers.

The Prawn Star Sriracha Caramel Popcorn

Started with the Sriracha Caramel Popcorn ($8) that was wickedly addictive, and satisfyingly crispy. The texture got the thumbs up from me, as it’s my pet peeve to be served any popcorn that is mildly soggy. This appetiser had a fiery kick that cut through my dulled tastebuds that day (I was nursing a flu), and it’s definitely not for the weak.

The Prawn Star Salt & Peppa Back-to-School Prawns

The next dish was just the start of many prawn dishes to come. You have been warned by simply looking at the name of the restaurant. I think we had about 5 dishes that day that had prawns in it. Thank goodness they did it well, though! I’m a happy eater. The Salt & Peppa Prawns Back-to-School Prawns ($14) were probably the most sinful of the lot. Deep fried to a crisp, you can pop the entire thing into your mouth, including the shell, tail and the head! It was served with a sriracha mayonnaise that lent a vital punch to the crustacean.

The Prawn Star Bahn Mi Fries

The Bahn Mi Fries ($12) was my favourite small plate of the lot. The shoestring fries were done perfectly, and was topped with julienned veggies, barbecued pork belly (which disappeared so quickly I only managed to salvage one piece) and jalepenos. And you might have guessed, more sriracha sauce!

The Prawn Star Grilled King Oyster Mushroom Salad

The Grilled King Oyster Mushroom Salad ($16) garnered praises for the delicious mushrooms that were grilled till fragrant and topped with toasted sesame seeds. A healthy dish that came at a timely moment to balance out the sinfulness of the rest of the meal.

The Prawn Star TPS Grilled King Prawns

Our next prawn dish was TPS Grilled King Prawns ($36). I’m not entirely sure how this dish was done, but that sauce was delectable! The restaurant kindly gave us more bread to soak up the goodness when they saw how enthused we were going about mopping up every bit of the sauce.

The Prawn Star Bang Bang Prawn Pasta

Moving on to the mains, the first we tried was the Bang Bang Prawn Pasta ($26). This was so good, I couldn’t get enough of it! The next item was the dish that most people were raving over, but I would be a deviant and vote for this instead. The warm capellini was cooked just right, and bathed in a sweet Thai chilli sauce that had just the right amount of spiciness without being overwhelming. A touch of lime here, some chilli flakes there, and a generous topping of juicy prawns…ah, it hit all the right notes with me.

The Prawn Star King Prawns on Vermicelli Claypot

This dish of King Prawns on Vermicelli Claypot ($36) was the star of the night that got everyone clamouring for more. Though I said that I would vote for the pasta over this dish, I have to say that it was lip-smackingly good, without a doubt. Succulent jumbo prawns sat atop a bed of vermicelli – the way to eat it (as recommended by the staff), is to remove the prawns and toss the vermicelli in the sauce below to ensure that the noodles are infused with the sauce. Peppery, with a teensy bit of bacon to give more flavour, this was definitely addictive.

The Prawn Star All-Hands-On-Deck Seafood Platter

Can’t decide what you’d like to eat? Go for the All-Hands-On-Deck Seafood Platter ($98). This plate contained the works – from jumbo prawns, to clams, mussels, lobster and salmon! Squeeze that grilled lemon over it for a zesty finish and you’re set!

The Prawn Star Lime Pavlova

This fluffy looking dessert was completely misleading in its appearance! I kept thinking the fluff was going to collapse with all the photo taking going on, only to realise eventually that it was a hard meringue. The Lime Pavlova ($12) was not a dessert that I was a fan of, simply because I don’t really like meringues. So I’m probably not the best person to comment on it.

The Prawn Star Banana Fritters

I can’t resist a good goreng pisang, and these Banana Fritters ($12) with vanilla ice cream were evidently a match made in heaven. The bananas were interestingly coated in cereal, which is pretty unconventional for such a dessert. The salted caramel on top pulled all the elements together, and I quite enjoyed this!

Overall, the food at The Prawn Star is quite satisfying, and they certainly lived up to their namesake with their quality succulent prawns.

The Prawn Star
21 Duxton Hill
Tel.: +65 6323 3353
Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm
Sat 6pm-11pm
Closed on Sundays


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