Make Up Shopping on Zalora

It’s always fun to browse Zalora’s website once in awhile because they have such a wide variety of products. From clothes, to shoes, bags and another accessories, and…Sephora! While I always enjoy the feeling of browsing in stores, I can’t deny that I’m getting lazier to head out of the house nowadays. All I feel like doing on weekends is laze at home in front of my computer. But it’s great that I can do my shopping from the comfort of my home thanks to Zalora ;)
Ever since I visited the Make Up For Ever Academy & Pro Loft sometime last year, I’ve been wanting to try out their products! The sheer number of colours of their eye shadow, lipstick etc simply blew me away and I couldn’t help but feel excited just looking at all the options available. Their foundation caught my eye as well, with the HD range of products. Just the name itself sounds good already, doesn’t it?
I have a rather tedious foundation process, but I feel it works pretty well for me. Make Up For Ever has products for each step of my foundation regime, which is awesome! I can’t wait to try it out. 
I started using a primer  since the first day I put on makeup, and I’ve never stopped using it since. I can’t imagine the idea of putting on my foundation without this first layer to prepare my skin. The HD Microperfecting Primer in the shade mauve helps to counteract sallow undertones, and there are other shades for different purposes. 
The description of the HD Invisible Cover Foundation states that it “covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life”. Sounds awesome?!
I always finish off my foundation with a touch of powder to set everything in place, and the Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder seems like the perfect product for that. Lightweight, with a natural matte finish, it is great for layering to provide that added bit of coverage and to pull the look together. 

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