Bangkok 2015

I don’t know why I took such a long time to post this bunch of photos xD It’s been…two months since I went on this trip haha. Perhaps I was hesitant about blurring the lines between work and play, but, I’m really glad to have colleagues who feel more like friends than anything else (: We’re all going through the same thing together, and I’m so grateful for this bunch! Never thought I would go on a holiday with my colleagues, but it happened! And it was so so so much fun, I would do it all over again ^^ 
This was after the crazy CNY period and we all couldn’t wait to get on the plane and out of Singapore. Food, massage and shopping — here we comeeee!
Our first stop in bkk! Straight to Chatuchak for some coconut ice cream. Oh how I missed this!!! Been craving it since I went there last year. Ngan & I shared one the other time. I don’t know how I could have done that. It’s so small! Finally had one for myself the time ^^ And it was barely enough haha. But I decided not to be greedy :P
Had so much good food in bkk this time, but half the time we didn’t eat thai food. For the life of me, I’ve got no idea why. But the good thing is that I just followed and didn’t have to think. Haha! Perks of travelling with more guys. They did all the navigation and we just followed and ate xD This super shiokkkkk pork was, by all means, not cheap at all considering bangkok prices, but it was so good! :O We came here for the “famous” wanton mee, which I honestly didn’t see what was the big deal about it. But this, was SO.WORTH.IT.
With our tiny bowls of wanton mee, which we had to queue for, and finished in 5 mouthfuls. Oh wells. Haha I think I’d rather stick to my pontian in Singapore. Lol.
My shopping buddy & roomie! <3 Much love hehe. We had so much fun shopping together, honestly 4 days weren't enough. Yikes. Hahaha. And I really love Union Mall hehe, still the best ever!
FINALLY TRIED AFTER YOU. This highly raved-about cafe. And it was SOOOOOOO GOOD. I can’t believe I was so silly the last time, and didn’t know there was more than one outlet! We were so disappointed then because the outlet (we thought it was the only one) was closed for renovation. Oh gosh. I would fly back to bangkok just for this shibuya toast. I need this right now….please open an outlet in Singapore? :’)
Also had the best mango sticky rice on this trip!!! This was such a huge portion and super worth it for the price! :O I think it cost 100 baht or something. I have no idea how to get there though :P that’s what happens when I just follow along haha. All I can remember was that it was a roadside stall. 
Went for a girly breakfast on our last day! (: We ate three cakes between the two of us…Lol. Totally felt like bursting after that x.x But the cakes at Petite Audrey are really awesome!! No regrets hehe. 
Just in case you need evidence of our shopping :P 
No Monday Blues cos we were in Bangkok :)) 
Thankful for colleagues-turned-friends, and for all the fun we had during this trip! Now excuse me while I jet off to my next holiday tmr ^^ WHEEEEEEE~

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