Boufe: Boutique + Cafe

My tummy has been rather well-fed recently with lots of good food, and it’s so satisfying! I’ve gotta try to lose some weight before Krabi though :P haha don’t wanna be lugging a pet tummy over to the beach, yikes! It’s been a series of cafe hopping over the weekends, which is something we haven’t done in a long while! Gosh, how I’ve missed this. Paddy Hills a couple of weeks ago, and this time we checked out Boufe (: Seems like a trend to be visiting out-of-the-way cafes though. Maybe the next one would be somewhere in the far east…? Haha. 
The first thing I really liked about Boufe was its clean, white interior and natural lighting. It was such a gorgeous space! I love decor like this, and I’m so tempted to have it for my house, although I don’t think I ever will because it’s so difficult to keep clean! With my OCDness it’ll probably drive me (and Sam) nuts. Hahaha. Anyway, below is a peak of how pretty and bright the cafe looks! The drinks here were rather decently priced, or perhaps it just seems this way in contrast to the $8.90 hot chocolate I drank at Awfully Chocolate the other day. Goodness! The iced chocolate ($6.50) piqued our interest by being served in a mason jar (love!!). Unfortunately, flavour-wise it was a letdown as it seemed to taste more like milo than chocolate. 
I didn’t do the food justice with these photos (what’s with my camera these days!), but they looked pretty darn good, and lived up to expectations taste-wise as well.
We started with Triple B ($21), which is Boufe’s idea of a big breakfast. And I’ve got to say it’s one of the most impressive ones I’ve had in awhile! It’s one of my pet peeves to have to pay for a so-called big breakfast which is a letdown, but this was fantastic – milky scrambled eggs, caramelised bacon (which tasted like bak kwa!!), assorted sausages (we all liked the pork sausage more than the chicken), sautéed mushrooms and buttery mini croissant.

The Classic Croque Madame ($19) was a hearty dish with ham sandwiched between a thick fluffy brioche topped with gratin cheese and a sunny side up egg. 

I got such a poor shot of this Brioche French Toast ($14) but it was so delicious! The brioche was so fluffy, it tasted like a cake! The ultra moist bread absorbed the essence of the maple syrup and cream Chantilly and oozed with goodness. Special mention for the cream Chantilly that was super light and yummy.

My Truffle House Baked Baguette ($17) was one of the most novel items on the menu. Always looking out for dishes like these that reflect some creativity in the cafe’s offerings, rather than simply serving the usual (read: boring) brunch items. The truffle mushroom ragout was very tasty, and had a distinctive aroma of truffle. The eating was a rather messy affair though, because baguette was a tad hard and difficult to cut through.

Overall, it was a good meal and ambience was fantastic. It’s super difficult to get to this place, though if you’re lucky, I’ve heard that you can get a ride out in the buggy xD

Boufe Boutique + Cafe
308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-01
Tel.: +65 6734 7656
Tue-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat-Sun 10am-10pm


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