Wildfire Kitchen + Bar

Probably one of the hottest new food haunts on Instagram, I saw numerous photos of Wildfire’s mouthwatering burgers which compelled me to try out the place even though it was located in a corner of the world…..at Evans Road. Honestly, not the kind of place I would travel to, but for a meal with the BurppleTastemakers, I couldn’t say no ;) And it certainly was an experience! Possibly one of the eatups which I didn’t feel like I was going to burst at the end, but I was satiated, nevertheless.
For once I was early for an eatup, and I was absolutely starving when I got there! When our servers placed the Umami Fries ($6) in front of me, I couldn’t resist digging into them immediately. A deviation from the ubiquitous truffle fries found in most cafes/restaurants nowadays, the umami fries had an interesting flavour that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I can’t really decide whether I liked it or not, but it was strangely addictive. Or, I couldn’t have just been hungry.
I most certainly enjoyed the Sriracha Glazed Chicken Pops ($13) though. Crispy chicken chunks slathered in a delicious hot sauce that was really flavourful.
I found the Mozarella Stuffed Meatballs ($13) rather yummy too. What a brilliant idea to have melty cheese in the core of handmade meatballs. It was a wonderful surprise to bite into the meatballs and discover what was inside. More cheese please!
On to the mains – while Wildfire is known for its burgers, I have to give a special mention to the Hanger Steak ($36). This was SO GOOD. I would choose it over the burgers, actually. Kobe cuisine, Queensland Australia Wagyu (400 day grain fed). The quality was evident in the beautiful marbling and perfect texture of the beef. Look at that gorgeous red centre! It was red, without being bloody, and it was incredibly tender with an amazing taste that was strong, without being overpowering.
We also had the Wagyu Inside Skirt ($36) that was tasty as well, when eaten on its own, but unfortunately paled in comparison next to the Hanger.
I’m not much of a fan of pork chop as I feel that it can be rather tough when not done well. The Pork Tomahawk ($28) was better than some pork chops I’ve tried, but didn’t impress much. I was distracted by the side of maple and milk glazed carrots and sweet potato though! It was a really interesting accompaniment that was a surprisingly good complement to the flavour of the pork and was my favourite part of the dish.
Then, it was BURGER TIME.
From a single burger featured, we ended up with an army of burgers on the table!! Big thanks to Wildfire for their generosity – we practically tried every single burger on the menu! To be honest, I felt that the different flavours started to taste the same after awhile. But those that stood out for me in particular were The Works ($23) and Chilli Con Carne ($19). If you’re the kind who can’t ever decide what to eat, definitely go for The Works, which is everything you could ask for in a burger – beef patty with baby spinach, bacon weave, rosti, parmesan crisp, fried egg, sliced tomatoes, caramelized onions, guacamole and Wildfire’s signature master sauce. I liked the Chilli for its slightly unique flavours – give me jalapeños anytime! I was a tad disappointed by the classic 001 ($16). Despite its fantastic Instagram-worthy appearance, it was nothing special. The downside of Wildfire’s burgers was the lack of flavour of their patty. Perhaps it was to allow the rest of the ingredients to shine, but I felt it could have done better for the patty since that should really be the star of every burger. The buns were fluffy and sufficiently thick, which was a plus point!
Wildfire Kitchen and Bar
26 Evans Road
Tel.: +65 6734 2080
Daily 11am-10.30pm

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