Bistro Soori

As mentioned in my previous post, we had our Valentine’s Day dinner at Bistro Soori (: Glad that we had the chance to order from the ala carte menu since it was not 14 Feb itself, which gave us a lot more choices to choose from. Perhaps it was a whole feeling of love that made everything fuzzy & beautiful, but I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner experience!
There were many items on the menu that sounded so good, and I had a hard time deciding what to eat as usual. I changed my order after I’d placed it, and thankfully the staff obliged. We began our meal by sharing a starter – US scallops with truffle vinaigrette, pistachio pesto, arugula and vinegar jelly ($18). These scallops were one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Plump, juicy and incredibly fresh, it was way too good to be wolfed down in a piece, although it would have been possible. We savoured each tiny mouthful slowly, allowing the flavour to develop on our palate. The pistachio pesto was an interesting touch, which complemented the scallops by adding a nutty aroma to it.
For the mains, Sam went for the Baked Chilean Seabass ($38). This tasted really healthy, but was nevertheless wonderfully flavourful. I really liked the soy glaze that came with it, and I mopped it up with anything I could find on the plate. While this was a rather simple dish, it was executed with precision, and we really enjoyed it. I have to say that the similar dish I had at Sela still comes out tops though!
I was wavering between the scallop risotto and this Braised Short Rib ($40), and I went for the latter in hopes of something meatier. After all, we’d already eaten scallop for our starters. The beef was beautifully tender, and fell apart easily with a fork. It came bathed in a light soy broth, which Sam loved. I really liked the sautéed mushrooms that came with the beef, which were tossed in garlic and so tasty! The mashed potato in both dishes was yummy too (:
A common feature I noticed in both dishes was how they were prepared with a light hand, making them feel healthy (yes, even the meat!), yet retained the essences of the main character of each dish.
We ended off our meal on a sweet, tangy note with the Lemon Cheesecake ($13). It was a good balance between both flavours – the lemon helped to cut through the heaviness of a typical cheesecake, and I relished the speculoos crumbs in it. The berries also helped to freshen up the dessert, which finished it off nicely.
The service at the restaurant made our experience extra special. We really appreciated the staffs’ attention to detail. Firstly, they moved us to another table when they realised the original table we were sitting on was kinda shaky (I barely even noticed it myself). And when they saw us trying to take selfies, the waitress immediately volunteered to help us take the photo xD Almost the entire restaurant was filled with couples having their pre-Vday dinner, and it had a great dining atmosphere. Chill, quiet and perfect for couples ^^ I would love to come back some day!
Bistro Soori
2 Teck Lim Road
Tel.: +65 6438 3802
Lunch: Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm
Dinner: Mon-Sat 6.30pm-10pm
Brunch: Sun 11.30am-3pm

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