Valentine’s Day 2015 & Bar Hopping

Valentine’s Day this year was a somewhat exciting affair, being our first time celebrating this since we’ve started work. Work has been busy, to say the least, and we barely had time to plan this occasion. While I do think that Vday is, and has always been, a really commercial affair, it’s still a good reason for a celebration once in awhile (: Have to say a hugeeeee THANK YOU to my sweetheart for planning such an incredible programme in such a short notice. This day was nothing short of spectacular and spending time together was the best part of it ^^
I honestly didn’t expect much of a Vday celebration, because everywhere is so expensive!! But it was a good thing we celebrated it a day earlier too, since that gave us more options besides all the Valentine’s Day set meals which are exorbitantly priced x.x He brought me to Bistro Soori for dinner! Which was a real surprise to me :’) I was so excited!!!After dinner, we went on our first ever bar hopping in Singapore! ^^ not that we do this often elsewhere, but we did have a chance to go on a Pub Crawl in Prague which was a really interesting experience! I guess we never really got over all those memories we had on exchange :’) GOSH. I miss Europe so much!!!! The feeling of nostalgia and longing whenever I look at the map of Europe…ahh.

Okay, anyway. First stop was Operation Dagger. This is literally the coolest bar in Singapore I’ve ever stepped into. Firstly, it’s underground, and it has the most obscure entrance ever. It’s actually really near where Kki used to be at Ann Siang Hill (it has since moved to SOTA). It’s a sort of hipster cocktail bar, which sounded really interesting! When we stepped it, my breath caught for a moment, because it felt like we’d stepped into a world outside Singapore. This is a bar that really really made me feel like I was back in Europe!!! I need to stop swooning. Haha. The whole feel of it, slightly dark, mysterious, gosh. The walls were lined with bottles that looked like lab chemicals, without any labels on them. Wow.
 It was lucky that we were there early (around 9pm) because the place was pretty empty then! The drinks menu was rather limited, unfortunately, but one of the drinks immediately caught my eye. The Hot & Cold ($25) was a drink that was literally such – the base is a cold potion of pineapple and lavender (which was soooo tasty btw), and it was topped with a thick foamy layer of something like a coconut condensed milk. You’re supposed to drink it all together and the flavours blended together perfectly!
The other drink we got was Snow ($25), which was a bit of a miss for us. It tasted a tad strange, possibly due to the unsweetened yogurt, though I enjoyed the occasional bouts of yuzu in between mouthfuls.
We got a bowl of kale crisps ($7) to go along as well. Yummy! A healthier alternative to potato chips I guess?
Drinks at this bar were really pricey imo. Especially since they came in really tiny glasses, and we couldn’t really taste the alcohol. Hmmm. For the ambience, I guess it is still worth a try though! And a bonus is that their prices are nett. After 10pm, people started packing into the bar and the small space got pretty crowded! Seems like the fact that they’re underground hasn’t stopped their name from spreading ;)
Operation Dagger
 7 Ann Siang Hill
Tue-Sun 6pm-late
I obviously don’t have much of a nightlife since I never knew Ann Siang Hill looked like that at night!!!! It was fascinating. Haha I swear that night I didn’t feel like I was in Singapore at all. This was amazing! It was really fun just walking around the area and people-watching, although staying around wasn’t really my thing :p
Instead, we headed off to somewhere more spacious, with a view of my favourite place ^^ Southbridge is a rooftop oyster bar on the 5th floor of a buildling at boat quay. A pity we were too full to stomach any oysters by then! We had a fun time choosing from the extensive drinks menu though! Compared to Operation Dagger, the cocktails here were more reasonably priced. And they sounded really interesting! Unfortunately the alcohol flavour was yet again a disappointment. I ordered Sex on the Quay ($18) which was an earl grey-infused vodka based drink, but I couldn’t taste any of the earl grey nor the vodka. It kinda just tasted like mango juice..haha. Oh well. We opted for wine for our second drink in the end, just to be safe haha. It was really nice chilling up there on the rooftop though :)) We were lucky to get pretty decent seats, even though it was packed when we reached! People started leaving at 11ish though, and we then had lots of space to ourselves ^^
80 Boat Quay, Level 5
Mon-Sun 5pm-12mn
I had a really amazing night! Thank you for everything, love :’) I’m so blessed to have you <3

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