Seasons Bistro

I’ve been really privileged to attend a couple of tastings with Burpple recently! I can never resist heaps of food, and what’s better than enjoying this in the presence of other food fanatics? ;) Always feel like I’m bursting at the seams at the end of each tasting (note: stretchy clothes necessary), and we really have the generous chefs to thank for this! Seasons Bistro was by far one of the most hearty meals we had. They nearly served us the ENTIRE menu :O Not that I’m complaining though ^^ thoroughly enjoyed the sumptuous feast we had! Because we tried so many dishes, I’ll probably just feature those that I really liked.
Seasons bistro superfood salad
Beginning with the starters, I really enjoyed all the salads we were served! We tried three in total, and this was the Superfood Salad ($18). Superfoods are all the rage now, and this was packed with goodness – quinoa, broccoli, avocado, baby spinach, blueberries, pomegranate and other ingredients! It was tossed in an appetising citrus vinaigrette and I really liked how they were generous with the sauce :) 
Seasons bistro Pan Seared Foie Gras, Cajun Blackened Fish Taco, Season's Poutine, Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Caesar salad
The dishes kept coming, and soon our entire table was filled with food! And these were just the starters!!!! Clockwise from the front: Pan Seared Foie Gras, Cajun Blackened Fish Taco, Season’s Poutine, Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Caesar salad. 
The Pan Seared Foie Gras ($19) is among one of the best affordable ones I’ve eaten, and it was a hot favourite amongst everyone! Thick slabs of melt-in-your-mouth liver, perched on top of a brioche pain de mie, and that chocolate ganache/bacon jam was to-die-for!!!!
I didn’t have much of the Fish Taco ($16) so I can’t really comment on it, though I felt the fish could have been done better though. Preferred the one from Jewel Cafe
I’d never heard of such a thing as Poutine ($13.50) till I tried the one at Seasons Bistro and I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out!! It’s essentially fries, topped with a delicious homemade sauce (which was reminiscent of my favourite bolognese) and gooey cheese. Ermygawd. It was soooo good!!! And when we were done with the foie gras, we dipped the fries into the remaining chocolate ganache/bacon jam. WE WERE IN SINFUL HEAVEN AND WE DIDNT CARE. 
The Popcorn Chicken ($14) we had here included an interesting twist, with the addition of real popcorn! I liked the spicy seasoning, but was disappointed by the soft texture of the popcorn. 
The Chicken Caesar Salad ($16) was also one of the nicest I’ve eaten! I’m typically not a fan of it, because I usually find it awfully unhealthy and that it completely defeats the purpose of eating salad. This was a rather refreshing take on the classic though – with avocados and a runny egg that was so yummy! The chicken was superbly tasty as well. I liked how the sauce was light, which made it feel a tad healthier. 
Move over all those lousy renditions of korean fried chicken in Singapore (Bon Chon Chicken in Singapore is just plain terrible btw…), because the Americans can do their chicken way better! The Seasons Fried Chicken ($25) was sooooooooo gooooooooood. Haha I’m drooling just thinking about it already. I’ll be blogging about The Beast soon, and we had a pretty yummy fried chicken there too, but Seasons’ version beat the other hands down in my opinion! This fried chicken was perfectly browned and crispy on the outside, piping hot and incredibly juicy within. I have no idea what spices were used for the chicken, but it was really flavourful!
The Deconstructed Salmon Spanakopita ($30) was quite a delicious dish. The drizzle of lemon perked up the fresh salmon, and the combination of different textures made this dish an interesting one.
The Beef Wellington ($39) was potentially one of my favourite dishes, but I was slightly put off by its gamey flavour. Perhaps that was due to the addition of goat’s cheese which I hadn’t realised at that point. The homemade jus was really tasty though! 
We were served all four of the items on the restaurant’s pasta menu, which was a satiating amount of carbs, even for sharing! Surprisingly, I quite liked the Ben’s Mushroom & Bacon Carbonara ($21), though I’m not usually a fan of it. There was a generous portion of mushroom and bacon in it, and just the right balance of parmigiano reggiano. My favourite pasta was the Southend Pasta ($22, not pictured) which was tagliatelle in homemade tomato sauce, with chorizo sausages, fennel, tomatoes, basil, chili and parmesan. This was a spicy pasta that was really tasty!
With all the good food that we’d had so far, we had high expectations for dessert. Unfortunately, that was where Seasons Bistro failed quite a number of times. We tried all eight dessert items on the menu, and out of that, six of them were either too hard or dry. Imagine Chocolate Mousse that is hard?! That simply doesn’t sound right. Perhaps the desserts had been refrigerated for too long. But they were really quite disappointing. 
Thankfully, two items saved the day! One was the unassuming Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake ($12). Though it looked deceptively simple, it won our favour thanks to its fluffier texture (finally one that wasn’t overly hard!) and I really liked the interesting flavour of pumpkin in a cake. Plus points were also given for the tasty cream on the side.
The Seasonal Pie ($12) was a pecan pie and I do hope they put it on the menu permanently!!! It was delicious, with lots of pecans and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top that sealed the deal. Thanks SK for being my unintentional hand model ;)
The name ‘Seasons Bistro’ came about with the restaurant’s desire to provide seasonal offerings for its customers by changing the menu every few months. It’s only been 8 months since its debut, and the restaurant is on its 3rd menu for autumn. Hopefully the next menu will be in time for Winter/Christmas and I can’t wait to see what’s rolled out next! 
Seasons Bistro
TripleOne Somerset #01-11/12
Tel.: +65 6836 5841

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