Melbourne Photo Diary (:

It’s been a month since I got back from Melbourne, and the nostalgia is still there :’) I miss it so so much!
Monday morning rush in Melbourne
I love Melbourne for its markets and homeware stores, its florists and fresh produce. I could have gone on a completely crazy buying spree, but the only thing stopping me (fortunately or unfortunately) was my lack of luggage space. I’m so gonna fly there with 30kg luggage allowance the next time I go. Haha I could start stocking up items for my future home perhaps? :P
Went on a wine tour with Sam and that was definitely one of the highlights of our trip ^^ This was at the Domaine Chandon winery, which is related to Moet & Chandon! 
Those gorgeous rolling green fields behind us :’) Sam was just commenting on how the vineyards here look so pretty! Greener and lusher than those we visited in Tuscany. Perhaps it’s because of the different seasons, or the mood we were in. But we really had an awesome time during this wine tour ^^ Gotta admit it was a little too much in the end. I had almost enough to drink by lunchtime :x 
Love this photo of us :))) 
I’m having this inner conflict about taking photos nowadays. Always want to capture all these beautiful moments together on camera, so that I can look back at those days :’) And we should always take more photos when we still look young and fresh, right? Haha. But Sam just isn’t a fan of taking photos -.- and sometimes the act of photo taking just interrupts the moment that should be enjoyed at that point. Am I making any sense? 
One of the best lunches we had was during the wine tour at Rochford Winery. That wagyu beef cheek with mashed sweet potato bathed in red wine jus was to die for!
We sat on the green grass, shared a cup of gelato and soaked in the afternoon sun (:
I really appreciated the time I had for myself in Melbourne. It was a good balance, spending time with Sam and other people, and also having a break to just wander alone. I took the safer route so that  I wouldn’t get lost, along the Yarra River. And it is so picturesque :’) It would have been wonderful walking along that stretch with Sam too. But alone, I had the chance to fully soak in the beauty of my surroundings and enjoy the sights and smells. This feeling of space, even in the city is so incredible, and is one thing I really wish Singapore had. 
Thankful for the late sunsets there :) This was at 7.30pm and the sun hadn’t even started setting. So glad for the long days which gave me extra time to explore all these places.
Full of awe as I stood at the magnificent Shrine of Remembrance :’) It’s much nicer when it’s empty haha.
Watched the sun go down over the Melbourne cityscape (: 
Yet another experience of travelling together and we’re improving each time! Hehh ^^ 

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