Anti:dote Afternoon Tea

Our server arrives at our table and gingerly places a pretty chest of drawers on the side table. We feast our eyes on the smorgasbord of sweet treats that take centre stage atop the chest. As we open up each drawer, involuntary oohs and ahhs escape from us as we reveal each layer of goodies.
Haven’t gone for high tea in quite a long while (not that I make it a habit), and since I was on leave on a weekday, decided to give this a go! I’ve been seeing photographs of Anti:dote’s chest of drawers on instagram, and I absolutely couldn’t resist it. You have a choice between three sets – Antidote, Oriental and Royal – all of which are the same, except for a difference in appetiser. The Antidote & Oriental sets are priced at $38, while the Royal set is more expensive at $75 as it includes a glass of champagne. All the sets come with a choice of tea or coffee as well!
I was really impressed with the tea selection presented to us – you can choose any tea that costs up to $11, or top up if you would like a more expensive option. We went for Holiday in Paris and White Silk Tea, both of which are white tea blends. LOVED THEM.
The Antidote set is a must-order for its Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs appetiser. Just look at that truffle perched on top of the egg!!!!! The presentation of the dish already won me over. Dip the crisp toast soldiers into the scrambled egg perfumed with the aroma of truffle and it is soooo delectable.
For the oriental set, you get a trio of dimsum: Shrimp har gow, chive dumpling and scallop siew mai. These were done beautifully as well!
My favourites from the high tea set included the prosciutto/onion jam/aged cheddar sandwich, chocolate tart, rum baba, lemon basil pound cake and scones. The lemon curd that came with the scones….OMG. It was so good!!! I wished I could have mopped up every bit of it. And while the texture of the scones wasn’t anywhere near the standards that I’ve tried in the UK, but flavour-wise, I really liked them! The ginger scone in particular was really interesting.
Level 1, Fairmont Hotel
Tel.: +65 6431 5315
High tea: Daily 3pm-5pm

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