More food in Melbourne

So apparently I can’t stick to just one post of food in any country. If you’ve checked out my previous travel guides you’ll probably find that more often than not I’ve got more than one food post for each city. What can I say? I love food haha. Sorry, not sorry :p
Anyway, while brunch is a definite MEAL OF THE DAY in Melbourne, there are tonnes of other good food that you can find there. This city is a melting pot of international cuisines and you can probably find more Asian food than any other western food here. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try much of it, but there are other things that I have to recommend.
Brown Bagels
330 Collins Street, VIC 3000

brown bagel smoked salmon cream cheese bagel
Tucked away in a little alley off Collins Street, you wouldn’t come across this place unless you’re in the know. And of course you are, now that I’ve told you. And there are lots of reviews of it on Urbanspoon as well! I was hard pressed to select a bagel from the list of flavours because they all sounded so yummy! While I’m not usually a fan of bagels, I really enjoyed this one (: The poppy seed bagel had the most incredible texture, and the combination of smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers can’t go wrong.
N2 Extreme Gelato
329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

N2 extreme gelato

Wacky names, and even wackier flavours. What makes N2 Extreme Gelato stand out is the fact that your ice cream is created a la minute right in front of you. You will not find ice cream tubs in this store. Instead, you see ingredients and blenders and liquid nitrogen and *BOOM* there you have it – your cup of ice cream made from scratch. Flavours change regularly, so there’s always a reason to keep going back.

Yarraville Gardens Food Trucks

My most interesting dining experience in Melbourne was my dinner from the food trucks! Oh, we know how difficult it is for such a concept to be licensed in Singapore. And yet in Melbourne, I found an entire row of trucks all selling different types of food, lined up in front of a football sized field. I went on a crazy food spree and we ordered this for two people to share. Those kimchi fries….yum!
San Churro
Shop LTL 255, QV Centre, Swanson Street, VIC 3000
chocolateria san churro melbourne
You can probably find San Churros in quite a number of places in Melbourne. It’s one of their most popular food chains there, and there’s a good reason for it! Despite having one of the worst sore throats in my life, I went ahead and ordered this because I simply couldn’t resist it! You can a choice of different portions (this was for one person) and white/milk/dark chocolate sauce. Gosh. If I wasn’t having a sore throat, I would have slurped up the entire cup of chocolate!
There were so many other foods I wished I had the time (& tummy space) to try! I’ve heard rave reviews about the Korean and Vietnamese food here, and if you go to Lygon street, please eat the gelato and tell me which one is good!!!



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