Little Diner

This is one place I would have never known of, if I hadn’t gotten a recommendation from Jiayee who lives in the neighbourhood ;) The bukit timah area does have many hidden gems which are almost impossible to uncover because the area is just too difficult to get to! Glad we ventured to this place though (: Haven’t had a hearty brunch in awhile, and I liked how this place had items that stood out from the typical brunch selection. There were quite a number of chef’s specials, and we ordered most of them to try :D
Jiayee was raving about the Delancey Red Velvet Pancakes ($13.50), and we were pretty excited about them!! Ended up being a tad let down though, because the portion was really tiny. The pancakes were rather flat and thin, rather unlike the fluffy version we like. The colour, while a beautiful velvet, didn’t translate into much flavour, and couldn’t stand alone without the maple syrup.
The Stuffed Super Cereal-Crusted French Toast ($16.50) was awesome though!!!! If I were to come back to this place for a dish, THIS would be it. I must have really grown out of eggs ben into french toast now, cos I’m absolutely in love with all versions of it ^^ Cranking up their average french toast by a few notches, this version was stuffed with nutella (could’ve had more!), topped with fried bananas and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Loved how fluffy the brioche toast was, and the fried bananas complemented it perfectly!
Because mummy wanted the french toast, I ordered the “Krusty Krab” Benedict ($19.50). It sounded really interesting – a twist on the ubiquitous eggs ben with the addition of a golden crabcake pillow. Loved the crab cake, couldn’t find any fault with that! But it was kinda sad that there was only one egg!!!!! >:( I’m sorry, but I really think that eggs benedict that comes with only one egg deserves to be boycotted. Hmph. Just like Hatched (which I condemn for being overpriced and not very tasty). Okay, enough of that short bout of angst :P The flavour of the dish in general was good! Fluffy brioche (only half a slice whuttt…), perfectly flowy egg, crispy bacon, grilled asparagus, and the juice of a zesty lemon gave a zing to the dish which I liked.
Papa got the Steak & Eggs ($27), which was termed ‘Breakfast of Champions’! We were impressed by the thick strip of chargrilled steak – a generous portion by most measures. It came with two eggs sunny side up, a really delish pile of potatoes, toast and baby green salad.
The last, but not least, was a really pleasant surprise to us! It was hilarious how papa was saying how he detested “deconstructed” dishes, and yet Zhen opted for the Croque Madame ($13.50) nonetheless. While deconstruction often seems to imply an inability of the chef to put the dish together properly, the description of this “gussied-up” ham and cheese sandwich was really apt in this case! An impressive tower of ham and cheese sat in a pool of truffle-scented béchamel sauce that absolutely irresistible!!! This is definitely one of the best truffle-flavoured dishes I’ve ever eaten, and I’m not sure whether it would be too rich after awhile, but I loved it. Topped with a beautiful fried egg, this was one hearty dish!
Special mention for the coffee although it was not made in-house. Toby’s Estate hot chocolate ($4.90) was delightfully chocolate-y without being too rich. Yummy!!!
Little Diner
789 Bukit Timah Road
Tel.: +65 6466 4088
Lunch 11.30am-3pm (Tue-Fri)
Dinner 6pm-10pm (Tue-Thu, Sun)
6pm-10.30pm (Fri & Sat)
Brunch 11am-3pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

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