Refreshed tresses by j7 Image

My hair has been pampered so much this year, and I’m so thankful for my wonderful hair sponsors who have been taking such great care of my hair (: Back at j7 Image for a revival of my tresses for the year-end. I subjected my hair to quite a bit of chemicals in the first half of the year by dyeing my hair thrice in 6 months :O Not really something I usually subject my hair to. So I decided to give it a break for about half a year to allow it to recuperate and went for a scalp & hair treatment at j7 Image too! My roots have been growing out though, and I decided it was time to do something about it (:
My stylist, J, did a quick consultation to determine the hair colour for me. Due to the nature of my job, I guess I’ll have to stick with the safe colours for now haha. Although j7 Image does the most interesting wacky colours! Really appreciated my stylist’s understanding of my needs though! He recommended two neutral brown colours to me, and I opted for the one that would lighten slightly after a few washes.
They have an entire shelf of colours to choose from! 
j7 Image has a strong focus on using products that are friendly to the hair, and while the wilder colours do require harsher products, thankfully mine didn’t. Instead, the hair dye used for me was one with low ammonia, which has the following benefits:
– no more odor (definitely! this was by far one of the best smelling hair dyes I’ve ever used)
– optimal scalp comfort (it felt quite gentle on my scalp, with no itchiness/sensitivity; there was also a cooling sensation which apparently helps to relax the scalp)
– optimal respect for the hair
– infinite colour power & sublime shine (see pictures below! ^^)
– up to 100% coverage 
J also helped me to trim my hair to regain its shape, and I felt so light when he was done with it!
My hair is really shiny!!!! (: Didn’t quite know my hair was so long haha. But loving the shape of it after the trim (:
Very happy after my pampering at j7 Image as usual ^^ I always enjoy coming here because of the vibe of the salon. It’s always full of energy and the guys are really friendly (: Makes my whole experience a really fun one, and it’s even better knowing that my hair is in good hands. 
I’ve got 10 vouchers from j7 Image to give out! The previous giveaway was really well-received (thank you for your support :)), so fastest fingers first for this one!

Each voucher entitles you to various discounts (pick one):

– $17 off All services
– $37 off Treatment services
– $57 off Cut & Colour services
– $97 off Curl/Straight services
Also, upon presenting the voucher, you get a 1-year free membership with J7 Image (worth $27) which entitles you to 10%-20% discounts at the salon, as well as discounts at Shuffle Bar.
– Voucher is not valid in conjunction with other discounts/promotions/package
– Appointment booking is required
– Only one voucher can be utilised per service
– This voucher is not exchangeable for cash in part or in full
– Strictly no time extension of voucher can be made upon its date of expiry (31 December 2014)
– Voucher is non-replaceable if lost or damaged
– J7 Image reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice 
All you have to do is drop me an email at with the answer to these 3 questions
1. How many hairstylists does j7 Image have?
2. Which hairstylist would you like your hair to be done by?
3. j7 Image closes on which date of every month?
All the answers can be found on j7 Image’s website & Facebook page (: 

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