5 things to do in Melbourne

I’m back from Melbourne!!! (: Ah, that sweet feeling of taking a break from work and travelling. This was one of the most last minute travel decisions I made, but the trip turned out to be one of the best (:  Didn’t make many plans, simply because I didn’t have the time to, in between work and studying for exams. But my last minute research proved to be somewhat useful, and going with the flow turned out much more fulfilling that I’d ever imagined it to be.
I really enjoyed my time spent in Melbourne, with friends, Sam and also alone. And it was the perfect balance between all three. There are so many things I wish I could share, but it’s just way too much for this little space here. Let’s just start with 5 things to do in Melbourne. This is my personal list, and since this was my second trip to Melbourne, I didn’t want to do much of the touristy stuff. Might be different from what you’re looking at, but I hope this gives you a glimpse as to what Melbourne can offer (:
1. Visit Melbourne’s markets
I’m a HUGE fan of markets, and this pretty much tops my list in every country I go to. I loved Melbourne’s markets for the variety of produce they stocked. Different markets have their own unique character, and it really depends on what you’re looking for. Queen Victoria Market is the go-to for tourists, situated pretty much in the central area of Melbourne. I loved South Melbourne Market for its numerous homeware stores which I went absolutely crazy over! And you’ve got to try Pardon my French, a little pushcart stall selling sweet & savoury crepes. Prahran Market had lovely fresh produce, as well as coffee shops displaying a spectacular variety of beans. For those who love handmade products, Rose Street Market is a must-visit for products ranging from t-shirts, to candles, cards etc. All handmade with love.

2.  Catch the sunset from Eureka Skydeck 88

Melbourne is gorgeous from above, both in the day and night. You can visit the attraction throughout the day, but we chose to go around sunset so that we could watch the cityscape change from the day to a sparkling beauty at night (: Tickets are priced at $19.50 for adults.

*tip: get a copy of the tourist guide for a 10% discount coupon inside*

3. Get lost in a book in the State Library of Victoria

It probably sounds like strange advice to go to a library while you’re on holiday. But if you love books like me, the State Library of Victoria is a magnificent place to visit in Melbourne. Pick a book from the impressive collection and curl up in a chair with it. You could potentially spend hours here.

4. Eat a LOT (i recommend two brunches a day)
^ that was typed by Sam haha but I agree :P

As you might expect…more details coming up in my next post! ;)

5. Chill along the Yarra River

Walk/cycle along the entire stretch of the Yarra River; find a spot on the (fake) grass when you need a break. It’s a perfect day out – what could be better than this? (: 


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