Yet another “Finally I’ve tried this place!!” eatery that I fell in love with ^^ So glad that it’s just steps away from where I work. Haha I suppose you can guess where I work now, and I’m super happy to be working in such a foodie area. It’s exactly suited for me! Sam tried out this place even before I did, and he seemed pretty satisfied with the food! Glad that I had the chance to try it out one of the days after work, and I was really impressed! 
Sam ordered the same dish he had the previous time – shows how much he like it :P That was good for me because I was really curious to find out what the draw of this place was! He had the Linguine pesto alls Genovese with sundried tomato and mushrooms ($15.90). I really liked how the generous shreds of cheese atop the pasta gave it a sharpness that pulled the creamy flavours of the pesto together. Alone, the pesto was a tad mild in my opinion (would have liked it to be stronger!!), but the addition of the cheese gave it sufficient punch. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my Thai Thigh Burger ($16.50). Actually had quite a hard time deciding what to order because quite a number of dishes sounded really awesome!! But I’m really glad that I chose this ^^ The honeyoat bun was a surprise with its really crisp texture – very different from fluffy burger patties that I typically prefer, but it was good in another way! I really liked how it added a crunchiness to the dish, which complemented the tender and juicy chicken thigh. With a tomato salsa and sweet thai chilli dressing, the burger was super flavourful! It comes with a choice of two sides and I decided to go for the healthier choice of mesclun salad and pesto tomato salad. The tomato salad was refreshing and had a rather interesting taste! 
Definitely would like to come back sometime since it’s so convenient :) It was surprisingly crowded early on a Friday evening! Guess everyone was there because….TGIF ;) 
281 Holland Avenue 
Tel.: +65 9721 3815


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