Crazy over cropped tops

#throwback to freeeedom (:

It took nearly a year before I finally lost the weight I gained on exchange. Whoops. But it sure shows that perseverance and exercise (plus a healthy diet) does pay off!! Cropped tops made a comeback since over a year ago, but honestly, I could never bring myself to wear one. Pretty hilarious that it was only in those last couple of months before work that I went on a craze buying cropped tops – I think I own at least 5 of them now, not that I will have much chance to wear them because of work. 

I absolutely love this célfie cropped top I snagged at the threeblindmice flea for $10 though!! :) It was my only purchase from that flea, and I was actually struggling to decide whether I should even buy it, because I’d already had quite a number of them! I couldn’t resist the célfie though haha. And I was so glad for that rainy day when I could finally wear these pants out too! Bought them from H&M in Amsterdam, and I love how this entire outfit feels on my skin. Soft cottony and silky materials, that were perfect for that day’s snuggly weather. And lastly, showing off my new arm candy from Sam :)))  
Top: Alescere //
Bottom: H&M //
Watch: Titus
By the way, Zalora is having a Mastercard Singapore promotion so do check it out if you’re shopping there! (:  
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