Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar

The design of this restaurant caught our eye as we walked past – with a 1-for-1 house pours signage which we couldn’t miss. It looked and sounded really enticing, and we couldn’t wait to try it out! This review is super overdue, but we actually came here over a month ago for SK’s birthday celebration! (:   Just a heads up that the photos are pretty dark bcos of the lighting in the restaurant.
I was quite excited to try out the BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($22) the moment I saw them on the menu! First impression: it looked small :( I suppose it’s more affordable that other places, but still…they could have warned us! Jiayee and I attempted to share what looked like half a rack of ribs, or less. The good thing is that it was quite tender with a sticky tasty sauce. 
I didn’t really try much of the Char Grilled Chicken ($20) except for some scraps, but the meat was quite tender as well! And the portion was, in my opinion, wayyy more worth it than the ribs. 
The pastas here are worth a mention too! While they occupied only a fraction of the menu, we enjoyed the Penne Chicken Pesto ($15) that had a lovely flavour of basil pesto infused in it, reminiscent of Italy days! 
All of the mains came with fries, which was great! But we didn’t realise that at first so we ordered Truffle Fries ($11) as well. Turned out to be a good choice though! One of the better truffle fries I’ve tasted (: Possibly because we had the normal fries as a benchmark too, but I felt that the truffle flavour was quite distinct in this version, so that was good :) 
Overall, while I felt that the food was passable, there was nothing really fantastic about it. Not really worth the hype I’d been hearing about. Then again, service made up for it, because the staff were really attentive and helpful! Perhaps it was because we were there on a Monday and the place was really quiet, but the staff were really nice, especially since we were celebrating SK’s birthday. They went the extra mile to create a surprise with the birthday cake we’d bought for her, and even topped it up with their Flourless Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream ($10) on the house (: It was so nice of them! And the cake was the best part of the meal!!! It was really rice and chocolate-y, I couldn’t believe that it was flourless.
Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar
331 New Bridge Road #01-02
Tel.: +65 6538 3518
Mon-Thu, Sun 8.30pm-10pm
Fri-Sat 8.30am-12mn

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