Dean & Deluca

I had a rather ‘productive’ foodie weekend a couple of weeks back, ticking off a bunch of items on my eating list which have been there for the longest time!! (: Always happy when I go around eating good food. Yay! 
Finally tried Dean & Deluca, which has been in Singapore since forever. I’d actually been wanting to come here since it first set foot on our sunny shores, and yet I didn’t. There are just way to many restaurants/cafes in Singapore to keep up with. Thankful for my accommodating boyfriend & family who get dragged around by me to check out my new foodie craze ;) Wouldn’t life be so boring without food? Hehe. Anyway, so excited about Dean & Deluca, which turned out really spectacular! The prices are pretty steep though :/ But I felt that the portions justified it. 

I’ll start with my Brioche French Toast ($18) first because it took the cake for me! At $18, it’s probably one of the pricier french toasts around, but when you see the size of it, it’s definitely WORTH IT. Two people could share it comfortably and have enough to eat. I certainly couldn’t finish it myself. Cue three thick, fluffy slices of brioche, lightly toasted to produce crisp edges, drowned (literally) in a gooey, sweet salted caramel sauce, topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, salted caramel bananas and an assortment of berries. This was a food coma, sugar rush-inducing, recipe-for-diabetes concoction that killed me afterwards, but it was so so good. I recommend sharing like I did though, because the sweetness can get overwhelming.

The American Country Breakfast ($22) was a hearty spread of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, greens, grilled cherry tomatoes, hash brown and a slice of multigrain toast. I really liked how the scrambled eggs were done, or perhaps I’ve just missed eating it.
The Eggs Iberico ($22) were a tad disappointing appearance-wise, since there was a really appetising photograph of it on the menu. The taste was fab, nevertheless – I guess it couldn’t go too wrong with the smooth jamon iberico which was the perfect complement to the poached eggs and sautéed mushrooms.
Mummy ordered the Portobello Cheese burger ($20) which surprisingly turned out to be rather meaty, with a thick beef patty. It was juicy and delicious, and we especially loved the perfectly crisp fries which came laced with a generous truffle flavour.
The Marinated Salmon & Mozzarella Quiche ($12) was possibly the only let-down we had. It was a small slice and we wished they could have heated it up more as the mildly warm temperature did little to bring out the flavours of the quiche. Also felt the veggie taste was a tad too strong, which over-shadowed the salmon. 
The cakes on display looked totally drool-worthy!! We were completely stuffed that day, but we’ll definitely be back to try them! 
Dean & Deluca 
Orchard Central #04-23/24
Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat & Sun 10am-10pm

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