Third & Sixth

I’m usually not so familiar with bars and stuff, but glad for fellow foodie friends who do! (: Went to Third & Sixth to celebrate Shan’s birthday, thanks to Scott’s recommendation, and it really didn’t disappoint!! Definitely one of the better burgers I’ve eaten, and it was really shiokness ;) 
I was scrolling through reviews before we checked out the place, and I pretty much set my mind on what I wanted to order…. :P And so happy that Ngan agreed to share with me! ^^ We ordered the massive ALL-IN!!! ($29) which was a whopping huge burger for any greedy soul. I was starving by the time our food arrived (it was already 8pm!!!) and by the end of it, I was stuffed. The massive burger left us two girls completely satiated. The picture isn’t very clear (I forgot to bring my camera! Photos are VSCOCam-ed) but basically, this burger has everything (well, almost) that all the other burgers have. A double patty (one each for us!), chorizo, chilli con carne, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, double fried egg (awesome stuff!), caramelised onion, cheddar, swiss cheese, with onion rings and steak cut fries on the side. It was soooo sumptuous! And I loved every bit of it. It was so difficult to eat, and we just ended up toppling the entire thing and having it in pieces haha. Everything went so well together though. By the way, I was so glad they served the burger king-style type of onion rings. It’s a frivolous pleasure, but I do prefer it compared to the full onion version (yucky!) if you know what I mean. 
Because everyone was sitting so far apart, I didn’t manage to get a shot of the other burgers we had. I did steal a bite of Sam’s Genor’s Greatest burger ($16). This was rather unique, with a herbed chicken patty (instead of beef), basil pesto sauce, rocket, parmesan flakes and balsamic reduction. The flavour of the basil stood out the most for me, amidst the other elements of the burger. It was quite interesting but I still prefer beef! 
We also ordered the Wings of Desire ($8) to share, which is essentially fried chicken wings. They were seasoned pretty well, with an in-house marinated blend of herbs, and well-fried too. Though tasty, I could have done without them haha. 
Overall, a very satisfying meal at this bistro & bar!! (: Would be a burger place that I’ll come back to if I’m craving some.
Third & Sixth
36 Seah Street
Tel.: +65 6336 1248
Mon-Tue 4pm-12am
Wed-Thu 4pm-1am
Fri 4pm-3am
Sat 6pm-3am
Closed on Sunday

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