One month thoughts….and shopping!

Hellooooo! Thank goodness for scheduled posts otherwise my blog would be pretty dead since I started work x.x My first month at work has just flown past just like that! So many changes, new experiences, and I’m still really trying to get the hang of things. Not to mention that we had three weeks of training before yet another change in environment. This is really testing my adaptability, but that isn’t a bad thing! (: In fact, I’ve always seen myself as being quite adaptable, so I guess this is the perfect chance to put it on a trial run. It was quite a ‘culture shock’ in a way, to start work for real. Glad that I’m finally doing something useful, earning my keep (#firstpaywoohoo!) and learning new things every day! :) What I miss is my freedom, and a nice wardrobe though!!! ARGH. So corporate :/ Though I gotta say that I realised I have way more work clothes than I realised….haha! But still, I miss fun clothes. 
I was just browsing River Island women’s clothing online recently, and I’m so tempted to start shopping!!! Here are some of my top picks:
After wearing work dresses and skirts the entire week, what I really feel like doing on the weekends is to throw on a pair of comfy shorts that I can just laze in. This playsuit is perfect – easy to wear, and with a delightful print that pulls the look together.
One can never have too many midi skirts. I love how they look so effortlessly chic and are so girly and elegant at the same time! Plus this satin pink is too gorgeous to miss.
I adore colours and I really miss having bright colours in my clothes!! My attention was immediately drawn to this skater dress thanks to the pretty pink/peach colour. 
For a touch of glamour, I would always reach for my maxi dresses, and I really liked the interesting neckline of this piece. I love how maxis can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and the sash tie helps to cinch the waist to define the flowiness of this dress. 

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