N.O.M. No Other Meaning

Rainbows make me happy, when skies are grey ~
Haha wheeee I finally tried an awesome rainbow cake! This craze has been going on in Singapore for the longest time but I’m really quite deprived of these pretty eye-candies! The only other rainbow cake I’ve bought so far is the one from The Coffee Daily, which really didn’t bring out the rainbow-ness with its colours more geared towards pastel tones. I was so happy with the Rainbow Cake ($7.90) at NOM though!! :) It was gorgeous ^^ Just look at that!!! It comes in three flavours for the “cream” (or whatever you call it) – salted caramel, oreo and chocolate. Perfect excuse to go back for more, because I want to try the other flavours! We tried the oreo, and it was soooo yummy! The cake was perfectly moist, with just the right amount of cream, and it was so so tasty. We also had the Peanut Chocolate Cake ($5.90) which was really decadent. Loved this as well.
To balance out the sweetness, we ordered a serving of Sweet Potato Fries ($5.90). Hmm okay, maybe “balancing” is not really the right word to use xP hahaha. But it was still a savoury dish! Really liked it!!! The fries came piping hot, nice and crisp on the outside, and soft inside. They were addictive. And knowing how I actually like savoury food more than sweets, I couldn’t help reaching for this in between mouths of rainbow cake. Hehe.
So far we were really satisfied with everything we’d ordered. And I’ve heard that the mains at NOM are pretty good too! Tried a bit of Linwei’s NOM Orange Duck Salad ($7.90), and I’m so inspired to come up with something like this for my own salads too! It was a scrumptious salad with mixed greens, smoked duck, orange slices and a really tasty goma sauce. No idea what that means but it was delicious! (: 
This cafe is situated in MacPherson Community Centre, which is a really random place to have a cafe. Lucky easties!! It was really hard to get to though – a zig-zag 15min walk from the train station through an HDB estate. But I’m already thinking of my second visit for my fill of rainbow cake… ;) Oh yes, and prices are nett!!! Which makes this cafe really affordable :) 
N.O.M. Cafe
MacPherson Community Club Level 1 
400 Paya Lebar Way
Tel.: +65 6747 3839
Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

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