The Assembly Ground

When Yi first told me that she visited the Assembly Ground at The Cathay, I thought she was referring to a more accessible branch of Assembly Coffee at Bukit Timah. I’ve been wanting to try out that cafe, but it’s just too out of the way! The Assembly Ground is not related to the former, but it’s actually an extension of the Assembly Store in The Cathay. Spacious premises that don’t get too crowded even on a weekday lunch hour, it was a great place to chill! :) Food was not bad too! 
Okay, actually Rachel’s Eggs Zoey ($17) could have done better. A fancy name for Eggs Royale, we felt that the eggs were a tad too small, and was served atop a muffin that looked rather unimpressive. I felt the flavour of the hollandaise sauce was pretty yummy though! But there are definitely better eggs elsewhere. 
On the other hand, I really liked my Beef Chilli Fettucine ($16)! Lovely thick strands of parpardelle slathered with a delicious beef chilli sauce that was reminiscent of Mexican flavours, with a generous amount of braised beef and an added kick of sharp parmesan cheese. I loved the contrasting flavours that were married together in this dish, which gave it an interesting, yet harmonious element. 
Overall, I was quite satisfied with this cafe, and I think it’s a lovely place to relax if you’re in the area.
The Assembly Ground
The Cathay #01-21
Tel.: +65 6733 3375
Tue-Fri 12pm-10pm
Sat-Sun 10am-10pm

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