So, I got an extra two months of summer, and it’s come to an end. Bittersweet feelings about this new threshold that I’m going to cross. I’m actually kinda excited to be learning new things, especially since it seems quite pertinent to my life, which is definitely beneficial for my self-improvement, and could potentially help me to help others as well. Yet, I’m dreading leaving behind the comfortable life I’ve been enjoying for the past 23 years, and going on to this new stage, which only promises to be more challenging than I can ever imagine. August was filled with many happy moments though :) Perhaps it was that feeling that I won’t be having much free time soon, and so I grasped all chances to catch up with people, some of whom I haven’t seen in awhile. 
After that 5 day trek in Nepal, I’ve officially concluded that I’m no trekking material. I’ve got absolutely no interest in it! Everytime mummy asks me to go, I can’t bring myself to do it. Oops :P Only friends like these are able to drag me on another hike :P Thankfully Singapore’s terrain is so much more friendly, which made it pretty much a breeze! The chats we had along the way, the spectacular view from the MacRitchie Treetop, hilarious encounters with wild monkeys and ending off with an ice cream waffles treat (which negated all our exercise for the day :P) made the whole experience so fun ^^ 
Blur pic :(
But so so happy to meet up with this girl again!! Literally my longest friend ever :) We’ve known each other since we were kids! But haven’t caught up for probably like 10 years or something. When we met, we basically caught up and updated each other on our entire lives since before time immemorial xD So glad that we still had so much to talk about (and so much in common!) even though we hadn’t met for years.

Back to SMU to return our graduation gowns! And we went for Alumni Day together which turned out to be pretty blah. Haha the “free-flow champagne” turned out to be quite cui….we didn’t even drink much of it in the end! But glad for the opportunity to catch up with the dearest superheroes ^^ Always such a joy to meet up with them! :))
JC Class Gathering! 
Have to say that it was quite a success actually ^^ Look at the number of people who turned up! Haha and we are all still the same after all these years. It’s quite hilarious actually ;) 
Gathering with the hopers to celebrate Shan’s birthday! :)) And we finally had the chance to meet her other half hehe. Whee always happy when the family grows ^^ And I’m so glad that so far managed to meet up with these important groups of friends at least once a month even though most of us have started working!
Met XT for lunch one of the days too! (: Hehe glad that we had a chance to catch up after meeting again during the class gathering.
Birthdays are always such a great opportunity to meet up!! :) Celebrated SK’s birthday early since she had an off day then. Sad that quite a number of people couldn’t make it :( Sam included mehhh. Poor boy was ill that day. But we still had fun with our cosy gathering nonetheless! And because I didn’t have work (yet…) so totally had no time pressure and could chill very happily in their company :) Had two birthday cakes for SK, one with compliments from the restaurant! Haha turns out that their cake was wayyy better than the one we bought. Oops! If you see this SK, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! <3 
And finally! Sooo happy that we managed to catch Linwei in that super short period of time that she was back! ^^ Wheeeee. Tablemates reunited (: Hehe IJ friends are friends for life :’) So thankful that even though Linwei only comes back once a year, and we usually only manage to meet her once, but we still always make it a point to do so :) please continue to come back!!!! We miss you!!
Ate a lot of good food this past week too. So happy that I managed to tick off quite a number of places on my foodie list! YAY!!! Satisfied :D And now, RW here I come.

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