Scalp & Hair treatment at J7 Image

A couple of weeks ago, I had my hair done at j7 Image for my graduation night and I was so happy at how it turned out! Went back again, this time for scalp and hair treatment. To be honest, while I’ve done hair treatments a couple of times before, I never really knew much about the existence of scalp treatments. Even if I heard about it, I thought it would be along the lines of Beijing101 or something like that, which only applied to people with balding issues :P oops. Well, I found out that actually because of Singapore’s humid weather, oily scalp issues are quite common here! And that is one of the issues targeted by the scalp treatment which I did. 
I was welcomed with a packet of cookies and warm mug of longan tea which tasted lovely! 
Started with a scalp analysis to find out what stage of scalp issues I had. Problems can range from oily scalp to hair loss, and I was found to have the former, as well as tonnes of dead skin cells :P Oops! While I exfoliate my skin 1-2 times a week, it never occurred to me that I had to do the same to my scalp! The scan revealed how clogged the pores on my head were. Yikes! 
My stylist, J, then started on the scalp treatment for me, which involved using a Pear Wood Exfoliating Gel to remove the dead skin cells on my scalp. It was a pretty tedious process, with him painstakingly scrubbing my scalp to get all the gunk out. Sounds painful? It actually really isn’t, because the gel is very gentle, with microbeads that will not cause any scratches. Just like when you wash your hair, you’re not supposed to use your nails, but rather your fingertips to massage your scalp, and not scratch it!
Kinda horrifying, but this was the amount of dead skin cells from my scalp!!! :O
Following which, I had a pampering hair wash session coupled with a head massage that nearly lulled me to sleep. We then moved on to the hair treatment, where tonnes of hair products were piled onto my tresses. All organic, and part of a holistic procedure to give my hair nothing but the best. 
These were all the products used. 
The first step was the Active pH Re-balancer to neutralise the pH in the hair and restore it to its optimal condition, which is, surprisingly, acidic! I always thought that the normal pH of hair is alkaline, but turns out that it’s with all the chemical procedures (e.g. dyeing and perming) that cause the pH to be alkaline and unbalanced, which could lead to hair loss. 
An Active Restructurant was applied to repair and strengthen the hair, followed by Nature’s Moisturising Mask, which came with a few drops of argan oil which helps to soften and smooth the hair. I’ve personally been using argan oil nightly for the past year, and I love it even more than olive oil which used to be my staple! 
Bubble-head :P I was left to relax while the steam treatment helped the products be absorbed more effectively into my hair. 
The final step was to apply this Tea Tree Anti-Microbial Scalp Spray directly onto my scalp using this super cool equipment! I was pretty fascinated. It left a really cooling sensation on my scalp, making it feel refreshingly clean!
Care for your hair at J7 Image goes beyond the treatment and organic products. Even in the blowout they gave me, the tools used are also protective of your hair! The Steam Pod they used is much gentler on the hair compared to normal tongs, and left my hair feeling softer than ever, with a lovely shine. 
Photo with my stylist for the day, J! Jeft also helped in the blowout, putting the final touches to it :) Thank you!!! I really enjoyed the 2 hours of pampering for my hair, and though it’s been a week since then, my hair is softer and more manageable than ever! 
A scalp treatment at J7 Image typically starts from $67, but the salon has kindly gifted me with 5 vouchers for my readers entitling you to $37 off treatment services. Which means that you only have to pay $30 for a scalp treatment which is really very reasonable! Do note that the treatments I did were the Organic Scalp Care ($97) and Organic Hair Care ($127).
Each voucher actually entitles you to various discounts (pick one):
– $17 off All services
– $37 off Treatment services
– $57 off Cut & Colour services
– $97 off Curl/Straight services
Also, upon presenting the voucher, you get a 1-year free membership with J7 Image (worth $27) which entitles you to 10%-20% discounts at the salon, as well as discounts at Shuffle Bar.
– Voucher is not valid in conjunction with other discounts/promotions/package
– Appointment booking is required
– Only one voucher can be utilised per service
– This voucher is not exchangeable for cash in part or in full
– Strictly no time extension of voucher can be made upon its date of expiry (30 November 2014)
– Voucher is non-replaceable if lost or damaged
– J7 Image reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice 
If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these vouchers, drop me an email at! (:

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