Potato Head Folk

Potato Head’s reputation preceded it’s presence in Singapore long before it came to our shores. I’ve never been to Bali before (would love to!!!!), but I’ve already heard so much about this establishment. And I was so excited when I heard about the recent opening of Potato Head Folk – simply looking at the photos of the food on instagram made me drool. Immediately knew what I wanted to order when we reached there because I’d already seen so many recommendations of the place! And hehe, gotta love how how my family always gives in to my foodie whims and lets me decide what to order :P 
Heard so much about these Naughty Fries ($9), and boy, weren’t they GOOD (pun intended)! Not so much like fries, really, but rather thick, hand-cut potatoes that were perfectly fried to a crisp! Topped with a delicious béarnaise sauce and hot minced beef chilli, this was a potent combination that ignited our taste buds. We polished it off in minutes, and I was left craving for more. 
The ‘Wing-Its’ ($8) were twice-cooked chicken wings smothered in a smokey BBQ sauce and were really flavourful. Somehow I felt that it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, though I’m not sure why. But they were still pretty good and I would recommend them anyway! 
Potato Head’s burgers are juicy, saucy, and gooey – just the way I like it. We gravitated towards the beef burgers though, because the rest didn’t really appeal to us. The Baby Huey ($20) was a prime 150g beef patty oozing with cheese, pickles, spiced mayo and the ‘Notorious T.O.M. Sauce’ – it actually means tomato sauce, I believer, but it’s nothing like the typical bottled kinds you get in the supermarket. Despite the fact that the burger was slightly on the small side, it was definitely satisfying. 
Burning Man ($24) was really interesting because of the dashi mayo which gave it a touch of Asian flavour. Roasted jalepeno relish and hot ketchup lent a fiery twist to the same prime 150g beef patty. And with all the dishes, I topped copious amounts of the restaurant’s hot sauce, which was super shiok!! 
Aaaaand for the WHOPPER – Four Floors ($28)!!! This was incredible. Double prime 100g beef patties, double cheese, triple onions – this sounds like an absolute feast! And it was. Dripping with the Notorious T.O.M. sauce and den miso mayo, it was an explosion of flavours in my mouth. Perhaps my only criticism about it would be the inability to distinguish between any of the flavours because they were just all wham-bang-fizz mixed together, but then again, that’s exactly how a burger should be, right? ;) In other words, loved it. 
Overall, really like the burgers for the soft bun and juicy patty, but my choices seem pretty much limited to the three beef burgers on the menu (which I’ve ordered). Wouldn’t mind coming back here again (I liked it more than omakase burger) because saucy burgers and sinful fries make the perfect indulgent meal. 
Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road
Tel.: +65 6327 1939
Tue-Sun 11am-12am (Closed on Mon)

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