Graduation Photoshoot

THE MOMENT IS HERE!!!!!! ^^ Finally got our hands on our graduation shoot photographs hehe. We were eagerly awaiting their arrival and when we finally got them the other night, I think we were too excited to sleep ^^ They’re so awesome!!!!! I was literally laughing to myself as I looked through all the photos, all 241 of them (wow, did we really take that many photos? :O). And all the exhaustion that day was TOTALLY worth it. They were funny, candid, pretty, happy – just amazing :) It was such a great time looking through all of them, and I kept laughing as I remembered our antics that day. Yet another memory that we have together :’) And we all wanted to change our Facebook cover photos, but there were so many photos to choose from!!!! And we could only pick one. Gahh. Soooo I’m gonna share more here, just because I love this set of photos so much :)) I look so unglam in some of them (idk why I kept talking when everyone else was smiling so nicely -.-“‘)
We started bright and early in the morning at 8.30am. Gosh I had to wake up at 6plus in the morning for this!!! Hehh, but like I said, it was worth it :) Practised strutting around trying to look natural before putting on the gowns.
The “flying away” photo hahaha. Had so many re-takes for this one :P Our surprise when we realised we did actually have to jump for this photo…!!!
So happy we had our photos taken with my favourite place as the backdrop ^^
And just because it was World Cup season… ;)
Girls :))))
And guys ;) Looking like draculas.
Had the most hilarious antics at the bridge trying to laugh and look natural :p When we burst out in fake laughter, I think everyone turned around and stared at us hahaha :P
Too cute ^^
Heehee <3<3
The mandatory hat-throwing shot ;) With tonnes of hilarious incidents.
And of course, we had to take photos with our beloved SMUUUU :’) So many memories of this place <3 one of my best school experiences that I'll treasure forever :)
It was terrifying getting up there. It’s actually really high when you’re standing up there!!! :O Look at the lengths we had to go through for these few shots :O
WE DID IT!!!!!! 
And favourite place in school…..the library haha. Especially for the library buddies.
Our table! 
And we thought it would be cool to be Lord Voldemort.
Photo Day after that!!! :) We were completely shagged out by then. We could barely move ourselves after lunch! x.x Only Rachel & SK were still full of energy to take photos haha. Have to say the set-up was pretty cool though! 
Finally a graduate :’) I already miss school and this bunch of people!! Can’t turn back time…but I’m sure we’ll make the most of what we’ve got, and I’m excited at what is to come next!
Anyway! Speaking of photos, PoppinPrints sent me a set of square postcards and square stickers from their new collection! :) If you remember a post I did sometime back about Pixaroll, it’s under the same company. Previously I received a set of magnets from Pixaroll and I used them as graduation presents for my superheroes ^^ This time, I printed a copy of photos for myself to keep! :) Can’t wait to pin up these photos at my desk at work :) Like the magnets, these stickers/postcards are fully customisable, and you can upload your photos to to get them printed. The webstore is actually created to provide a platform for artists, designers and photographers to sell their artwork and you can check out all the art prints available for sale! 
*PoppinPrints is offering a 15% discount to my readers for all products in the webstore! :) Just key in the coupon code “KELKEL” and this is valid till 15/08/14. 
**There is also a special promotion for the Chop Blocks (fancy your selfie on a stamp?) where they’re going at 40% off with the coupon code “CHOPCHOP40”
Happy shopping! :) 

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