The Hunter’s Kitchenette

I have always been a fan of peanut butter – it’s my go-to spread whenever I eat bread for breakfast. It never did occur to me (till recently, that there could actually be so many variations of, well, nut butters. I LOVE NUTS. You would have probably heard me mention this sometime or other. I tried a mixed nut butter for the first time when I was in Adelaide last year while I was on holiday and I absolutely fell in love with it! The flavour of the nuts, the crunch, and how healthy it felt! And from that day, I resolved to make my own nut butter….someday. That day hasn’t come yet, and unfortunately I’ve yet to see nut butters on the supermarket shelves. 
I was at 9 MCM, the Pop-up Marketplace when I came across The Hunter’s Kitchenette and I immediately jumped with excitement!!! Nut butters, in all sorts of flavours ^^ ooh gosh. And the best part about them is how healthy they are :)) They are absolutely tasty, but the owner, Herbert, took care to ensure that the health benefits of the nuts were not compromised in the preparation and processing. The ingredients of the nut butters are simple – nuts, of course (and of the highest quality), with the addition of no more than a handful of carefully- selected natural condiments: unrefined French sea salt, coconut palm sugar and pure cocoa. 
For those who are nuts about nut butters just like me, you can try the whole range of flavours that The Hunter’s Kitchenette in tasting portions with their gift set consisting of 6 types of nut butters (40g each, pictured above) – Almond / Cashew / Hazelnut / Macadamia / Pistachio / Hazelnut Cocoa – priced at $35. It gives you a good sampling of the flavours on offer, and when you’ve decided what you like, you can also purchase the larger bottles (200g). With those 40g butters, I could do so much with them! The simplest way of eating them would be to speed them on a slice of bread (wholegrain, please!) but I wanted to go a step further to experiment with them in different recipes! And this really showcased the versatility of these nut butters – they can be used any time of the day, for any kind of meal! And they’re so good, you can probably eat them every day. 
Breakfast: Overnight oats x hazelnut butter
So incredibly simple – I just used the hazelnut butter as a topping for my oats.


Lunch: Salad x pistachio nut butter

I mixed pistachio nut butter with a bit of verjuice for a tinge of sourness, and voila – I’ve got a salad dressing.
Dinner: Pork chops x Almond nut butter
I haven’t mastered the art of making my food look pretty yet, but it tastes pretty darn good ;) Made a cranberry almond sauce for my pork chops which was so simple with the help of the creamy almond nut butter.
Dessert: Muffins x macadamia nut butter
I made banana macadamia nut muffins! And they were SO SO YUMMY! Loved how the flavours of macadamia and banana went so well together. And because I used the nut butter, I cut down on the amount of butter used = healthier muffins! 
Hope these recipes have given you some inspiration on things you can do with your nut butters! If you have any interesting recipes to share, please do!! I would love to try them out :) And… if you’re too lazy to do anything with the nut butters, you can always just eat them out of the bottle :P (kidding, but they’re really good enough to be eaten on their own ^^) ENJOY!! 
The Hunter’s Kitchenette

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