One Last Chance

Aaaaand, it’s a wrap! It’s been a whirlwind of events since the start of this month surrounding this biggie – GRADUATION. Honestly, I wasn’t really thinking about the graduation itself but rather looking forward to all the activities that would give us a chance to meet up a couple more times. I sure hope the ‘one last chance’ doesn’t really mean it is the last chance, haha :P But I’m sure we’ll do fine ^^
Lots of photos to post for this period, but shall start with Grad Night first! (: I hope we get our photoshoot pictures sooooon ^^ I was totally dragging my feet to grad night initially. It just feels like we’re kinda too old for prom! Haha. Didn’t know a lot of people going either. But it turned out to be quite fun! :) Big love to my favourite people in smuuuuu ^^ So glad we did this together! 
And what an epic night for us. Details shall be kept as memories for us and no one else ;) But I have to say that MBS needs to improve it’s service… -.-
And we managed to take a photo with the President of SMU!! So funny how he happened to walk by our table just as we were getting up to go to the photobooth (oops), and he was so sporting to join us! ^^
I was totally stunned when I arrived at MBS seeing everyone dressed to the nines :O Everyone looked like they were brides/going to Star Awards or something! Kinda underdressed in our short dresses :P But thank goodness I took the effort to do my hair for the event! Big thanks to James & the team at J7 image for dolling me up! :))) I loved the hairstyle they gave me! Though I’d initially planned for another hairstyle, I left it to James’ artistic direction and he gave me a completely different style which I never imagined I could carry off! :) Loved it!!
Here’s how the intricate braids looked from the back (: 
J7 Image is having a promotion for their service services now! It’s ending really soon, so grab the chance while you can!! (: And I can’t wait to go back again soon!
J7 Image
Far East Plaza #02-14

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