Passage New York

July is when the second half starts, and I start wondering how the first half of the year flew past so quickly. It’s a time to think back on my new year’s resolutions (if I still remember them…) and take a shot at getting them fulfilled in the remaining half of the year. 
July is also one of my favourite months of the year! Mainly because it’s my birthday month hehe. And I’m so lucky this year to have a great start to the month! :) Last week, I just had the most pampering spa treatment ever!!

I didn’t know what to expect as I walked along the row of office buildings along Cecil Street on the way to Passage New York. I can’t believe I interned in the area for almost 3 months and never noticed the spa! I was impressed the moment I stepped into the premises. The high ceiling, spacious reception and boutique to the left of the spa immediately made my heartbeat quicken with excitement. I was led into a cosy consultation room, where I was served a cup of tea and filled in my particulars. I was to have two treatments that day – a 90min Signature Full Body Massage with Body Scrub, as well as, a facial. Simply by noting my occupation, which was primarily a desk-bound job, my consultant immediately pinpointed the areas of focus for my massage – neck/shoulders/back. I was really glad to hear that since my upper back is always aching :/ I think it’s because of my pillow? Not sure why either. As for the facial, my consultant recommended the 90min Premium Intensive Facial based on my skin condition, and even kindly added on a bonus Ultrasound Eye Treatment because my eyes looked tired. 
She then led me up the stairs to the area where the treatment rooms were. Excited!! :) What I really liked about Passage New York was their attention to detail. From the consultation where they customised the treatment based on my needs, right to the end of my whole experience – I’ll share more details along the way :) 
It was really nice that they provided lockers for their customers! Usually when I go for facials/massages, I would just place my belongings in the room with me. But beeping phones are pretty disruptive to the treatment when you’re simply trying to relax. Out of earshot, my phone didn’t bother me at all throughout my 3 hour treatment :)
My consultant then brought me to the washroom first, and I was wowed by how bright and pretty it looked! Plus it had all sorts of amenities for guests to freshen up after their treatment.
I mean, really, this is the first time I’ve seen a spa provide contact lens solution and cases for their customers!! The amount of care taken to make sure their guests are fully comfortable is amazing.
All ready for my first treatment! :) I started off with the body scrub, and it was really thoughtful of them to provide disposable underwear for guests so that the scrub/massage oil doesn’t get on your own clothes. I lay down and relaxed as my masseuse, Lily, scrubbed every inch of my body with a milk body scrub that smelled delicious and left my skin feeling buffed and baby soft afterwards!! I was so amazed at how gently the scrub exfoliated my skin and made it feel soooo smooth :) After the scrub, I was directed to the shower area within the room itself (how convenient!) so wash off the scrub, and I came out of the shower to a clean towel and fresh set of underwear! Following which, was my favourite part of the whole treatment :)) The massage – Lily used a tension relief oil that was a blend of lavender, lemon and rosemary. It was so relaxing, and I dozed off multiple times while Lily used long strokes and kneading to smoothen out all the knots in my body. It was SO GOOD.
And the massage room was absolutely gorgeous!
Doesn’t this tub make you feel like jumping right in??! Unfortunately I didn’t get to use it haha, but it added to the ambience and made the room feel like a wonderful sanctuary away from stress. 
After the massage, Lilyled me to another room for my facial. And it was so sweet of them to provide me with another cup of tea, just when I was feeling thirsty :) See, it’s the little touches that matter. 
Before the treatment started, my facial therapist, Hui Chiun, smoothed some soothing aromatic oils on her hands and fluttered them over my face to relax my senses. Ahh :) The Premium Intensive Facial is meant for sensitive skin like mine, and it’s a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial that helps to rebalance the skin’s PH, as well as, heals and reduces skin congestion. This was the first time so many skin products were used on me during a facial! I was really amazed at their generosity and attention to detail. From an enzyme peel, to acne tonic, ampoules (several of them!), a mask, moisturiser and other treatments, my skin felt incredibly well-taken care of! I also really liked how Hui Chiun was very careful throughout the extraction process, and kept checking in with me to see whether I was alright. The Ultrasound Eye Teatment was absolutely luxurious with a heated tool applied to the eye area to relax it.
After both my treatments, the staff brought me on a tour of the premises and I was fascinated to find this lovely jacuzzi! It’s really an oasis in the middle of the CBD. Doesn’t it look like it came out of a fairytale?? :) They also have a sauna next to the jacuzzi area, and all members have access to these facilities.
As I mentioned above, there is even a boutique included under the Passage New York brand! As Coco Chanel put it succinctly “A girl should be two things – Classy, and Fabulous”. At Passage New York, you can feel fabulous after all their signature pampering treatments, and complete your wardrobe with their classy clothes and accessories.
And because it was my birthday month, they even gave me a present from their boutique!!! :’) So sweet of them :’) I really enjoyed my experience there so much, and I’ve got to say a big thank you to Sheau Jiun and the team at Passage New York for taking such good care of me :) 
Aaaaand for all you lucky girls, here’s a *special promotion* for you:
Enjoy 2 Luxurious Spa Treatments @ $98 (U.P. $530) + Receive a Free leather bag (worth $480)!
The treatments are a 45min Signature Full Body Massage and 90min Vitamin C Whitening & Anti-Aging Facial.
This is the free leather bag you’ll be getting, and if you look at the original prices of the individual items, this promotion is really worth it!! Usually a good-quality facial anywhere else would probably set you back $98, so with a massage (which was awesomeeee ^^ please read above if you’re not convinced) and a bag thrown in, this is a really good deal! Do try it out!! I’m sure you will enjoy it too :) 
Terms & Conditions:
– Valid till 31 August 2014
– Valid for first time female customers (Singaporeans, PRs, and EP holders) aged 25 years and above
– Prior booking is required, subject to availability. Please call 6226 0888 to make an appointment
– Not valid with other promotions, discounts or privileges
– Free leather bag is while stocks last, designs and colours may vary
– Passage New York reserves the right to alter and amend any terms and conditions without prior notice

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