It’s been awhile since i had brunch. as in a good ol’ western brunch on a sunday morning. With all the travelling that i was doing in the past two months, I really missed Singapore food and actually gravitated to Asian food with the family quite a bit. And haven’t been cafe-hopping with Sam since work started. So i was really excited when papa suggested brunch at Bécasse last Sunday! Bécasse is one of the latest concepts at the Dempsey area, having expanded from its casual takeaway outlet in ION. 
I didn’t manage to capture a picture of the restaurant, but I really loved how spacious and airy it was. Definitely a welcome change from the small, cosy cafes – which we do love, but are sometimes a tad claustrophobic when they get crowded on weekends. 
The first item that caught our eye on the menu was the Sticky Date Pancakes ($13). Pancakes are such a common brunch item, and it’s nice when restaurants do a twist on this ubiquitous dish. They came in a stack of three, with a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top, which was a wonderful touch. I loved how the pancakes lived up to their name, with the syrupy essence of sticky date infused within it. The butterscotch sauce drizzled onto it was the perfect finisher to this dish, which would satisfy any sweet tooth. Perhaps a little too sweet for some, but I enjoyed it immensely.
Zhen ordered the Pulled Chicken Crepe ($16), which was filled with roast chicken slices, oyster mushrooms, spinach and gruyere cheese. It was decent, but nothing fantastic.
It’s been awhile since I had Eggs Benedict ($18), but I didn’t order this by the way! Papa did. It was pretty standard too.
The following two dishes we had were interesting, because they seemed to be the savoury and sweet twin of each other!
I ordered the Croque Madame ($16), which was brioche sandwiched with smoked leg ham and gruyere cheese, with a truffle baked egg on the side. Kopitiam breakfast, anyone? It sure looked like it, haha! The truffled baked eggs impressed with their fragrant aroma though. I certainly can’t bear to compare it to the the half-boiled eggs we eat. The generous amount of truffle oil used was evident in each mouth we took as well. Definitely go for this option, even though there is an option of a Croque Monsieur ($14) without the egg. I am so in love with brioche – it has got to be my favourite bread ever! It can never go wrong with its fluffy texture, and I honestly think I could eat it plain. While the cheese got a bit too much after awhile, I still enjoyed this dish quite a lot (:
The Berry French Toast ($15) was the sweet twin of my dish. Lightly fried in a batter and topped with   some mixed berries, poached pear and ricotta, this was quite a nice dish. The thing is, it was missing maple syrup. Plus, the limited amount of toppings resulted in it having a lack of flavour. While the texture of the brioche was a saving grace for the dish, I felt this was one of the more disappointing french toasts I’ve had. 
Overall, I felt that the food was decent, but apart from a couple of dishes, nothing to shout about. I will be back though, for the spacious ambience (hopefully it doesn’t start getting too crowded), and affordable prices. Honestly, it is rare to see such reasonable prices in the Dempsey area. Consider yourself warned. ;) 
Blk 10, Dempsey Hill #01-21
Tel.: +65 6479 8119
Daily 8am-11pm

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