The Coffee Daily

don’t rainbow cakes make you feel so happy? ^^ 
it was my first time trying a rainbow cake ($10) and i gotta say that the sole reason for visiting The Coffee Daily was really for this :p heard that it’s really popular and gets wiped out in the afternoon so you have to reserve it! but we went right when lunch hour started so we managed to get a slice of this yummy cake ^^ i actually have absolutely no clue what the flavour of the cake was supposed to be :P but the cake was decently moist and pretty tasty! quite good imo for the first time :)
i ordered the roast chicken sandwich ($9) which came in a choice of croissant/ciabatta/something else . the chicken was quite well seasoned and the croissant was nice and flaky. the chips that came with it were addictive!!
aline ordered a really interesting dish – laksa lagsane ($8.90). it had quite a distinct aroma of the laksa and was quite unique! the portion was really tiny though, which was a bit of a letdown. 
overall a cosy cafe, and i had a good experience with my first rainbow cake ^^ any other nice rainbow cakes around? i would love to try them!!

The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent
Tel.: +65 6284 8894
Mon-Thu 12pm-10.30pm
Fri 12pm-11.30pm
Sat 9.30am-11.30pm
Sun 9.30am-10.30pm


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