Shelter in the Woods

though Shelter in the Woods was one of those in the list of Restaurant Week establishments, i never really thought much of it as i hadn’t heard much about it before. i only knew that jiayee liked it a lot, and so one day, the family decided to venture into the neighbourhood of Greenwood Avenue to check this place out. and W-O-W. i was absolutely blown away!!!! definitely would want to come back here again one day, perhaps for restaurant week so that it’s not so expensive! granted, this place is quite pricey, but for a special occasion, definitely worth the splurge ;) almost every single item we tried was fantastic! save for one dish, which was not bad, but not fantastic. service was impeccable as well – the staff were all very attentive and were ready to provide descriptions and recommendations of food and drinks.
according to our server, the restaurant changes their menu once every few months and also has weekly specials – customers can keep updated through their Facebook page if they want to know what is the special that week. (haha and i’m not paid to promote this restaurant k! it’s a totally unbiased review ^^ i loved it!). pardon the poor quality of the photos though >.< the lighting was pretty dark in the restaurant (haha for the sake of a cosy ambience ^^)

the Atlantic Blue Cod Fish ($30) was a weekly special, which i hope will appear on the main menu sometime! it was absolutely lovely. steamed cod that was super fresh and supple, marinated in a refreshing minty sauce and perched atop a bed of barley. though the flavours were light, it packed a punch nonetheless and was so delicious!

the Suckling Pig ($35) came highly recommended by jiayee and we knew we just had to order it! it performed spectacularly to our expectations with a crisp layer of skin over meat marinated in its own juices, and wasn’t too oily – just the way we liked it. special mention too for the quail eggs that were done map-style with the runny yolks!! yummy ^^

i LOVED my choice of Wagyu Beef Hanging Tender ($45), which was soooo juicy with a pronounced flavour, and hit all the right notes with the aromatic confit shallots on the side and silky mashed potato that was rich, smooth, with a slight buttery essence – definitely one of the best mashed potatoes i’ve eaten!! (i’m not usually a fan of mashed potatoes btw)

the only dish which i felt was kinda underwhelming compared to the rest was the French Duck Breast ($30). it was tasty, no doubt, but nothing special. i thoroughly enjoyed the confit garlic and Dauphinois potato that came with it though!

we were cajoled into ordering dessert when the staff described the weekly special to us – Crepe Suzette ($15). and i was rendered speechless upon trying it. i’m always rather skeptical when it comes to orange-flavoured food. though i love the fruit itself, i prefer to go for the ubiquitous chocolate in my desserts if i have a choice. good thing that the rest of the family decided to go for the less traditional option though! thin layers of warm crepes with a sauce of Grand Marnier liqueur, orange juice, sugar and butter, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. the hot-cold pairing was impeccably good, and i loved the stunningly great combination of the sauce, crepes and ice cream. gosh, these specials have got to go on the main menu soon!

the Korean Strawberry Mille-Feullie ($14) was really good as well! firstly, the portion was bigger than i’d expected. plus points for that! haha. and each element of the dish was perfectly executed – from the crispy layers, to the super delicious cream (we devoured all of it!!!) and sweet strawberries.

i really loved this meal at Shelter in the Woods! while the portions looked small initially, i was surprisingly quite full already after i finished my main dish. everything was perfect, from the ambience, to the food and service. would be glad to come back again for a special occasion perhaps! (:

Shelter in the Woods
22 Greenwood Avenue
Tel.: +65 6466 6225
Lunch: Sun 11am-2pm
Dinner: Tue-Thu & Sun 6pm-10pm
Fri & Sat 6pm-10.30pm
Closed on Monday


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