Hatter Street

Get ready for your tastebuds to be whisked into the world of Alice in Wonderland in this whimsical cafe tucked away in a nondescript HDB estate in Hougang. honestly very ulu imo – it was an absolute chore for me to get there! and i went to three places in the serangoon/hougang area in that single week. talk about an overdose :p but i’ll be blogging about all three real soon! guess they were definitely worth the journey there for at least a try ^^ (which reminds me! i still haven’t gone to nakhon kitchen yet – a few doors down from this place!! if anyone has recommendations of what to eat there, please lemme know :) i’ve been hearing so much abt it!)
our favourite item that day was the Whoa-ffle ($8.90). the name itself it enough to catch your attention! a word play on ‘waffles’, the whoa-ffle comes in three flavours and we went for the most whacky sounding option of pandan ice cream with gula melaka sauce. as long as you’re a fan of these oriental flavours, you’ll definitely enjoy this choice! ^^ i was impressed how the pandan flavour came out really well, and it was a beautiful harmony between the different components of the dish – especially the generous drizzle of gula melaka!
we were fascinated by the two variations of the Yin-Yang ($5 each) on display at the counter. one was a blend of the failproof combination of matcha and azuki beans.
the other was supposed to be a horlicks/ovaltine flavoured cake, but the taste of the traditional drink was indiscernible. it pretty much tasted like a normal chocolate cake. while the cakes had a lovely texture, we felt that there was nothing very ‘mad hatter-ish’ about them haha. 
overall a very pleasant experience at this cafe! :) love the pretty setting of the place. though it was pretty small, we were lucky to go during a non-peak weekday afternoon so we could enjoy a lovely teatime catchup ^^
Hatter Street – Bakehouse & Cafe
Blk 212 Hougang St 21 #01-333
Tue-Sun 1pm-10pm

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