Strangers’ Reunion

Strangers’ Reunion has been around for a pretty long time, and there was such a huge hype over its waffles that has kept me excited for reallyyyy long. no idea why i procrastinated so long before visiting this place, but i’m so glad i did! decided to check out the place for dinner after reading about it on a couple of blogs – it seemed that their dinner menu was more interesting than brunch ;) they do serve all-day breakfast though! and dinner starts from 6pm.
actually, there were several items on their menu which were highly raved about, and the truffle fries ($12.90) didn’t disappoint. in fact, i was really impressed, and i conclude that it’s one of the BEST truffle fries you can get in singapore, after PS Cafe!! the aroma of the fries wafted towards us and we could barely get a proper shot of the dish before we enthusiastically dug into it. the bowl was emptied in 5 minutes :P hahaha. really loved the generous amount of parmesan shavings and truffle salt scattered on top of the fries, and the garlic aioli that came with it was an interesting twist that was the perfect complement to the fries.
i’d heard a lot about the crispy pork belly ($24.90), but i think it was the only dish that kinda disappointed :( not that it was bad, but it just wasn’t…good. it was pretty normal, and slightly tough in fact! nowhere close to the ‘melt in your mouth’ experience which i’d heard about. oh wells. i really liked the ginger beer, apple & date chutney that was on the side though! the tinge of spiced sweetness went really well with the pork belly ^^ the truffled mash was very interesting as well!
in a rare showcase…. the truffled wagyu burger ($26.90) deserves TWO photos because it looked so orgasmically good!!!! don’t you agree?! that thick patty looks absolutely delish! #foodporn. i was surprised that the truffle flavour developed most significantly in (guess where?) the burger bun! haha rather fascinating infusion, but it tasted pretty good! topped with a beautifully-fried sunny side up egg, the thick beef patty tasted as good as it looked and the tomato relish rounded up the flavours wonderfully. the sweet potato chips that came on the side made us feel slightly healthier, and tasted really yummy.
i really wanted to try the sous vide salmon which i’d heard so much about, but it was no longer on the menu! :( sadddd. instead, we ordered the halibut & chips ($27.90) and i highly recommend this as well!!! it was fried very delicately – seemed like tempura-style – and it was light and hardly oily which was great! the meat was really fluffy as well, and it was soooo tasty ^^ i just realised that they didn’t serve us the kaffir lime mayo that was stated on the menu though!! :O BOO :( remember to ask them for it when you’re there! it sounds good! 
and finally, for the star of the day – the buttermilk waffles with homemade mixed berry compote and vanilla ice cream ($14.90)!!!!! SO GOOD. i loved how they gave such a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream! ;) generosity goes a long way :D it was the perfect combination of flavours with the tart berries that were deliciously juicy, the crisp & fluffy waffle and sweet, (icy) ice cream. and Strangers’ Reunion recently opened a waffle bar next door as well! how awesome is that ;) definitely gonna try out the wider selection next door one of these days! 
Strangers’ Reunion
37 Kampong Bahru Road 
Tel.: +65 6222 4869
Sun, Mon, Wed-Thu 9am-10pm
Fri & Sat 9am-12mn

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