Grad Trip in Taiwan :))

i’m back from my grad trips!!! (: or at least ⅔ of them hehe. and boy, am i glad to be back! travelling really does get pretty tiring after awhile. especially Nepal… :x haha once in a lifetime trip. i missed singapore so much!!! i’ve never been one to complain much about singapore (i honestly love it here, except maybe the weather) but the trip to Nepal just made me superrrr homesick. i was SO HAPPY to be back, i was literally bouncing off the plane the moment we landed at Changi Airport hehe ^^ though i have to clarify that despite everything, i thoroughly enjoyed the company (: – though i’m sure i would have enjoyed it more in any other country in the world hahaha. 
okie, here’s some photo spam of taiwan to start off!!! ^^ SUPER LOVED my grad trip there :’) first ever trip to taiwan and i spent two whole weeks there! honestly, i’ve had more than enough of taipei for awhile, but i miss the food already!!! definitely a place to go back, though probably not in the near future yet! 
so stoked for our first trip together!!! ^^ haha reality barely set in then that exams (and uni life!) was over. what would i give to go back to that day again :’) so excited!!
waiting for the HSR to Taichung! (: 
i miss the food already (though it’s actually quite unhealthy oops)
we started pigging out the moment we reached taichung hehe! :P first night market was Feng Jia Night Market, and one of the best! stuffed ourselves till we were going to burst because everything looked so delicious, and ended the night with a hilarious discovery moment when we realised how the food was S.O. C.H.E.A.P. woohooooo ^^
next day up the mountains to Cing Jing Nong Chang – we had really bad weather that day >.< super cold!!!! and of all days i'd decided to wear shorts. haha big mistake….look at how warmly everyone else was dressed!!! what was i thinking. haha. BIG LOVE for these girls xx :)
the weather cleared up the next day!!! ^^ and we had our ANTM Vogue photoshoot with gorgeous mountains as our background hahaha. looking at these photos just makes me miss grad trip with this bunch soooooo much!!!!! hehe we were all so enthusiastic and woke up at 4am to try to catch the sunrise. in the end it rose from behind our villa and we couldn’t see it :( so thankful for the clear weather anyway though!!! the scenery… :’)
on to Taipei!!! ^^ where more exciting things were to come.
hahaha so much meaning behind this photo. lol!!!! how the three of us were the naughty (irresponsible) kids running around and exploring our AWESOME airbnb and toilet (i miss it already!!! okay i’m officially having major nostalgia now haha :P) while our 双木林 parents were patiently listening to the landlady showing them how to use the facilities in the house keke. well, too many cooks spoil the broth right? no need for so many people crowding around the area. teehee ^^ 
first meal in taipei was awesome-possum!! we were totally blown away by the super friendly (and smile-y) staff at Din Tai Fung, and how delicious the food there was ^^ the service itself just made up half the experience already. look at the big smiles on our face! ;)
one of my favourite moments! (: 放天灯 was super meaningful with the best company ever <3
bestie! <3 love this photo of us!! (perfect if not for that butt in the picture -.-)
another of my favourite places was the Dan Shui Fisherman’s Wharf/Lovers’ Bridge. can really feel the loooove there hehe! and it was so spacious and windy and all! super super love that place :’) 
visited Jay Chou’s restaurant too! hehe so that dearest SK could fulfil her dream ;) could see how happy she was! haha. and it was really quite cool with the piano and all ^^ definitely a must for Jay Chou fans! 
we got so lazy that by the last day of our trip together, we woke up past 12pm!!! :P omg haha. honestly i think this is the FIRST time in my life (not counting when i was a baby) as far back as i can rmb that i’ve ever slept till such a time. i’ve really never done this in singapore before!!! and the feeling was SO SHIOK. haha. this was taken on the last day before we parted ways :'( i was so torn between choosing between staying on in taiwan with sam or going to korea with the girls. hearing them rave about korea so much totally made me want to fly there as well!!! And yet i was absolutely relishing our couple time in taiwan as well :’) (so much better than exchange hahahahaha). if only i could split myself in half eh? hehe. but the one week with them was really a precious memory that i’ll keep forever :’) BESTEST bunch of travel buddies <3 we really had the perfect combi of personalities  (hehe like the parents & the kids ;)) and just the right number of people so that we could share food and eat to our hearts' delight. SUPER DUPER LOVE THE VIDEO THAT SK DID TOO :') hahaha so many memories!! totally looking forward to our next trip together again <3 
lots more on my taiwan itinerary coming up!! stay tuned ~ :)

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