hiya! (: if you saw my previous post on Wimbly Lu, you’ll have heard of this really ulu little street called Jalan Riang in a neighbourhood in Serangoon. well, guess what, i went there again! haha, but this time by car so it was way more convenient. and i’m so glad that we checked out this brunch gem, Rokeby! i read about the dinner served here previously, but not much about brunch, and we were all really impressed at what we found! (: this Australian diner takes pride in their breakfast as evident from thoughtful touches in each dish on the menu, and we enjoyed every single item we ordered.
there is always someone in need of a big breakfast – and the Rokeby Full Monty Brekkie ($18.90) would immediately quash any morning hunger pangs. a sumptuous spread which you see above, that was well balanced with eggs (done according to your choice!), meat, bread & hash and veggies.
everyone was drooling over my dish. hehe. see that thick slab on top? it’s FOIE GRAS. two thumbs up for their extremely generous serving of the prized goose liver. my Foie Gras Benedict ($21.90) came at a comparatively hefty price tag, but with such ingredients in it, it’s absolutely worth it, if you compare it to other places where even a normal eggs benny would cost you the same price. the foie gras was a delicious melt-in-your-mouth goodness, and whoever thought of this combination is a genius. 
zhen got the Portobello Benedict ($13.90) – the number of egg items on their menu is mind-blowing – and it was great too! the brioche toast by the way, is absolutely lovely. just lightly crisp and super fluffy inside, it goes so well with the oozy goodness from the egg.
and for some sweets, we had a tough time choosing between the Fruits & Nutella ($11.90) vs Peanut Butter & Banana ($11.90). we opted for the former, though the latter sounds SO GOOD (and sinful too) that i might just come back for it next time. except that i’m not a big fan of bananas. argh. anyway, the waffle was wonderfully done, with a great texture.
besides the first two items, the rest of the brunch items are actually really affordable! i’ll definitely come by again next time….when someone drives again ;)
Rokeby Bistro Cafe
15 Jalan Riang
Tel.: +65 9106 0437
Tue-Sun 9am-10pm

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