49 Seats

i suspect that 49 seats was named as such because of the exact seating space it has! though it could be smaller. well, i counted 38 seats in the indoor portion of the cafe :P it’s a really cosy space, and fills up pretty fast, which is no surprise considering their specialties which they execute with flair.

i thoroughly enjoyed my tom yum seafood pasta ($14.90) which came highly recommended to me by Sam ;) it had a really satisfying tom yum kick, with just the right level of spiciness! at least for me haha. Sam felt that it was too spicy, but i think if you take out the chill padi inside it’s actually quite manageable. there was a satisfying amount of prawns, and a huge mussel in it! also had bits of something which i couldn’t identify – crab, perhaps? haha i’ve been tasting this “thing” for two days in a row but i can’t figure out what seafood it could probably be! strange…. O.o anyway it’s a good bet to order this! the only thing was that i felt it was a tad too creamy? i added a bit of water to dilute the sauce a little :P it’ll help if you have a cold drink with it i think! just that they don’t provide water here. hmm :/ 

Sam’s seafood marinara ($13.90) was pretty yummy too! i guess if you don’t like tom yum, this would be the alternative to go for! though i really recommend the tom yum over this one if you love the thai spice ;)
we didn’t order anything else, since the pasta was surprisingly filling! the portion didn’t look very impressive, but i was SO FULL after that. oh yeah and because we shared a coke float too haha. but i heard that their cheese fries and fish with alscampi sauce is really gooooood, so please try it and let me know!!!! i’ll come back for those next time ^^ plus there is no service charge & GST! (double whoop!) 
i recommend that you make reservations though, because almost every table was reserved when i went there, plus a long queue to boot. enjoy ^^
49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Road (oh maybe it’s because of their address so they’re called 49 Seats…haha oops!)
Tel.: +65 6225 4332 
Mon-Thu 6pm-2am
Fri & Sat 6pm-4.30am

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