Miam Miam

the first time i visited Miam Miam i was really excited when i saw their menu! everything on it looked soooo good, but unfortunately i was ill that day and couldn’t stomach anything xP i really wanted to come back to order whatever that had attracted me though, and i’m glad i did! :)
Miam Miam is some sort of a Japanese-French fusion bistro. and you can see that in their super adorable menu with gorgeous typography. the food tastes great too! though the portions were incredibly disappointing, especially when the photographs on the menu were so deceiving. 
the single dish that kept nagging at me to return to the place was the Riz Noir ($16.50). a scrumptious looking pot of squid ink rice with assorted seafood (squid and scallops), topped with a fluffy omu egg. it looked like a deceptively huge portion in the menu, and my heart sank a little when the actual serving was significantly smaller. but it made up in terms of its punchy flavour, with each fluffy grain of rice smothered in a delicious aroma and rather generous serving of seafood. 
i quite liked the lobster bisque pasta ($18.80) as well, but it could have been much better if the sauce was a thicker broth, like the real lobster bisque. this was rather watery, although it was still quite tasty. the pasta was cooked al dente style! ^^ which i really liked, though some might find it undercooked. i love how pasta cooked this way seems lighter, and gives a more distinct texture that stands out from the rest of the dish.
i found the service here rather poor as well. we had to wait quite awhile for a seat, even though there was a whole seating area that was unoccupied, and the staff just kept telling us to wait, while brisk-walking past us. they also took forever to serve us our drink, and generally had rather unfriendly expressions on their face. we tried the matcha hot chocolate ($7.80) that sounded fascinating, but turned out to be nothing more than your normal matcha latte. and the funny thing is that they do serve matcha latte too! so i wonder what’s the difference…?
i was super excited for dessert too! we ordered the chocolate molleaux ($9.80) which was a decadent, dark chocolate cake with soft serve ice cream on the side. we struck gold because they ran out of vanilla ice cream, and we were offered the matcha flavour as a replacement! (Y) wheee. haha cheap thrill ^^ the cake was beautifully moist, with just the right density, and a slightly molten centre (could have been better). warning: the portion was really tiny though, i think my photo might appear otherwise.
and FINALLY. building up to the finale……Miam Miam’s FAMOUS FRENCH TOAST ($9.80)!!! ^^ there is a reason why it was named that, and it is a must-order. i’m not kidding. this was the saving grace of the entire meal. i only felt full after eating this. gosh! the french toast came in a stack, topped with a scoop of cream and honey on the side. i actually don’t think the honey was necessary because we only drizzled a little on it, and it was quite sweet already! but more is good too ;) hehe. this was SOOOO DELICIOUS! there is no other way i can describe it – it’s definitely one of the best french toasts i’ve ever eaten. perfectly sweet on its own, without being too cloying, the perfect balance between fluffy and dense, and oh-so-tasty, with/without the cream. 
i would definitely come back for the french toast one day. the others? i’ll have to think about it. i don’t really think the portions justify the price, but the fact that everything was pretty yums, does! (: 
Miam Miam
Bugis Junction #02-14
Tel.: +65 6837 0301
Daily 11.30am-10pm

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