The Tuckshop

hi!! (:
this post should have come right after exams, but…I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL! :D hehe this dinner at The Tuckshop was my celebratory dinner after my last paper ^^ and ironically it took me right back to primary/secondary school with their super retro old-school decor. the tables were literally the kind that i used in pri/sec school! and the whole place has a decidedly unpolished, industrial-chic feel to it. great for winding down after a week at work, or…on a monday after exams ;) it was perfect that day, being the start of the week because it was pretty quiet and we lazed there for almost three hours just chatting away ^^ 
so anyway, it seems like The Tuckshop has been around for awhile, but they recently launched a new menu (in April i think!) which looked absolutely scrumptious if you’ve seen it on their Facebook page. and it fared pretty well in meeting our expectations with those mouth-watering photos ;)
to indulge after exams, we ordered truffle fries!!! quite reasonably priced at $8, it was topped not just with the ubiquitous parmesan, but also chives. kind of reminded me of my favourite pringles flavour – sour cream and onion ;) the fries were delightfully crispy, but sadly the truffle flavour was rather non-existent. otherwise, it was masked by the chives. either way it was quite disappointing. the so-called wasabi mayo dip also lacked the pungent kick of the wasabi.
thankfully, the main dishes made up for it! Sam’s order of the Hey You, Hey Mee ($16) was our favourite out of all. this light creamy pasta has got to be one of my favourite cream pasta finds! i usually dislike cream pastas because of the jerlat feel you get after awhile. but The Tuckshop’s version was uplifted with the energising tangy flavour of jalepenos in it. the pickled green chillis added just the right amount of spiciness and sourness into the light sauce, that made us keep craving for more. the prawns were big and juicy too! 
My Chop Chop Sausage Orzo ($15) paled in terms of flavour, but made up for it in the ‘interesting’ factor ;) it was a totally confusing dish in fact :p looks exactly like rice doesn’t it?! nope, it’s actually pasta. plus, it was a western/italian dish infused with asian flavours of air-dried chinese sausage. i loved it. haha. 
the portions are quite small here, but they satisfied us just nicely, especially with the truffle fries on the side. definitely a place to visit, and if you like beer, happy hour is on all night long (at least that was the case when we were there). enjoy!
The Tuckshop
403 Guillemard Road
Tel.: +65 8511 8102
Mon-Fri 5pm-12mn
Sat-Sun 3pm-12mn

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