i always love peranakan food for it’s numerous spices and rich flavours (: gosh, i wish i could cook like that! i’m sure it’s quite a tough job to cook this though. 
the #1 must-order dish at PeraMakan is their fried mee siam ($10)!!!!! it was so good.
i don’t really know how to describe it, because i don’t know what spices went into it, but trust me on this. it was really really delicious!!!! just look at those fat juicy prawns and you’ll know what i mean when i tell you that they’ve put A LOT of effort into making this dish. it was superb!
i think we over-ordered because everything sounded so delicious and we were starving :P hahaha. we had the usuals such as babi pongtay ($14) and ayam rendang ($14) which were well done (: i especially liked the babi pongtay, with its melt-in-your-mouth texture. it literally fell to pieces when we tried to poke it with our forks!
we ordered the oxtail stew ($16), but i wasn’t a big of this as it had a rather gamey taste, although it was extremely tender as well. 
i loved how interesting the jantung pisang kerabu ($12) sounded and tasted! it’s a nyonya salad made of the heart of a banana bud, shredded mango and cucumber served with a generous topping of dried-shrimp sambal and coconut sauce. it was refreshing, light and gave a spicy kick all at the same time!
we opted for the slightly different chap chye masak titek ($14) which is a twist on the normal chap chye – taking it to a new level with spiciness. we didn’t feel that it tasted significantly different though. 
and of course, nyonya desserts are not to be missed! even though i was full to bursting by that time >.< we had the chendol ($5), which was well done with its sweetness from the gula melaka ^^ (some portions were a little over-sweetened though). and i always loveeee the chendol strips ;) 
10 Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club Level 3
Tel.: +65 6377 2829
Daily 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10pm 

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