Cafe-hopping with my love

my cafe-hopping partner-in-crime <3<3<3

so happy to have found this darling who loves food as much as i do! (: always have such an abundance of yummy food and good times whenever we’re together. studying for exams was so much less of a chore when we could go check out new places to do work at. there are not that many places with wifi though! so we usually had to do quite a fair bit of research before venturing out. (and also because i have this thing about always wanting to try out new places :P haha so we don’t usually repeat places). just FYI, besides the two i’m gonna talk about here, Toby’s Estate and The Loft have wifi as well, and are great places for sitting for long hours (: 

checked out Craft Bakery & Cafe during the study week, and i’ve gotta say i really love it!!! definitely will be back again sometime to try out more of their lunch dishes ^^ they always have some sort of promotion going on, which makes the food really worth it :) the lunch for example, is priced at $20 for 2 items from 12pm-2pm (if i rmb correctly), which is really affordable for a cafe! we didn’t go for this deal (thanks to Sam’s uncooperative stomach that day ahem. hahaha) but i’ll definitely come again while it’s around ^^ i ordered The Craft ($11.50) which was a really interesting take on waffles – a savoury version, with crisp waffles sandwiching a delicious maple-candied bacon and green apple slaw. the bacon was one of the best i’ve tasted, and it went perfectly with the sweet/sour slaw. 
Sam got the usual – The Whole Nine Yards ($17.50) as they call it here ;) it was alright, felt it was a bit pricey for the quality of the dish. definitely not one of the best, and it was pretty expensive! the good thing was that they were having a promo for the month where it came with a free coffee/tea, so that was good! :) and the huge pile of scrambled eggs was a plus point too ^^ i love scrambled eggs! had fun coping his. haha.
Sam also ordered the Basil Pesto Chicken pasta ($15.50) which was really interesting. their pastas sound delish btw! this linguine bathed in a basil pesto cream sauce was super tasty, but it was a bit jerlat after awhile because we were kinda full. it was a generous portion which is really good! 
we got greedy and decided to order a dessert as well :P but i really wouldn’t recommend ordering the hazelnut buttercream cake though :( it was such a disappointment and cost $7.50!!! bleah. should have known that it was bad when no one ordered it… -.- haha. the molten chocolate cake sounds awesome though!!
really love this cafe for its affordable lunch deals, and the ambience as well! i just enjoyed the quiet simplicity of this place, and it didn’t get too crowded during lunch (their peak hour seems to be around tea-time), which was perfect for a whole day of studying. 
Craft Bakery & Cafe
24A Lorong Mambong
Tel.: +65 6467 7710
Mon-Sun 9am-11pm
another place we checked out was The Bravery! (: located at the jalan besar area, this is one indie cafe that fits in perfectly with the hipster vibe in this region. and it was an absolutely pain for me to get here. #nokidding. i changed FOUR buses, and it was raining. hence, please pardon the not-so-nice photos because it was kinda dark there. on a rainy day, i wouldn’t really recommend studying here, because the lighting is pretty dim. and the seats aren’t good for sitting too long. but if you’re looking for a hole-in-a-wall cafe to chill, this is the place to be. i walked past the place twice because i couldn’t spot the entrance :P haha #2 obscure entrance after chye seng huat lol.
anyway, about the food. i was hoping Sam would order the ricotta pancakes because they were quite highly recommended! (haha i don’t like bananas so i wouldn’t order them myself :P) but he decided to go for something savoury instead – the Brave Begedil ($17) and it turned out to be quite good! quite surprised at the rather smallish portion for the price, but it was still filling for Sam, which is what matters ^^ a really interesting twist on the Begedil (malay traditional potato patties – i learned something new!), which was mashed with corned beef and topped with bacon and two perfectly poached eggs. the breaking of the eggs was a SHIOK foodporn moment ;) 
i ordered the Beef Steak Ciabatta ($13.50) which was not bad as well! i suppose their food here isn’t fantastic or anything, but it’s decent++! the rump steak was wonderfully tender, and was complemented by the onion jam, melted mozzarella and tomato salsa, sandwiched between the delicious ciabatta. okay, i take back my previous statement, it was really quite yummy! :) the only thing is they seem to prepare it before hand (i saw a whole row of them at the counter). would have been better if it was fresh i guess?
aaaand we also tried the famous lavender latte ($5.50) that we heard so much about! sorry for the awful pic, i only remembered to take a photo after we nearly finished the whole drink. whoops :P it was so good though!! (: the lavender taste was quite subtle, but the smell…mmmmmm :) i felt relaxed instantly once i breathed in the aroma from the cup. haha seems like quite a contradiction eh? coffee x soothing lavender? it was a beautiful combination though. 
the menu here is quite bare-bones (no dessert! >.<) but all rather un-traditional stuff. do check it out if you're in the area!
The Bravery Cafe
66 Horne Road
Tel.: +65 6225 4387
Daily (except tues) 8am-8pm

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