i was so thrilled to receive my parcel in the mail from itshatched the other day (: school’s over now, and i’m moving into a new phase of life. a bit excited, but dragging my feet over it at the same time because i think i still enjoy going to school much more :P these goodies from itshatched perked me up quite a bit though! ^^ kinda makes me a little more enthusiastic about heading out into the workforce with these in tow ;)
so i’ve been wanting to replace my pencil box for the longest time. i bought a new one when i started university and after the first year, i actually wanted to get a new one because the old one was getting scratched an all. guess what? i actually procrastinated all the way for the past three years and never bought a new one! hahaha :P well, also because my pencil box was functional anyways so there wasn’t much of a point getting a new one. but i was so happy to finally get a new one from itshatched, and it’s the prettiest pencil case i’ve ever gotten!! of course i’m sure there are pens at the office, but i kinda want to bring my own nice stationery and markers/highlighters to work – just to make life a little more colourful ^^
this is the first time i’ve ever seen a roll-up pencil case and it’s gorgeous!!! itshatched’s roll up pencil case ($24.90) is one of its signature products and it’s actually handmade! it’s just the perfect size to pop into my work bag, and it fits quite a lot of pens nicely (more than what i showed in the photo above). plus the flap on top prevents the items from falling out into my bag, which is great (:
i was also so stoked to receive one of their latest products – the drawstring pouch ^^ this is absolutely PERFECT for work and i’ve been wanting to get something like this for the longest time!! the drawstring pouch is super functional and it can be used for so many things :) e.g. when going out for lunch from the office, or just to run some errands, all i need to do is pop my necessities into this pouch, and it works as a great accessory because it’s so pretty. i’m totally thinking of getting a few more of these pouches so that i can organise my bag better, to put my makeup, accessories, or it can even double up as a pencil case as well ;) it’s super useful! itshatched currently has four gorgeous designs of this pouch which you can check out on their instagram. and they’re really affordable ($6.90-$8.90) too! you can totally get one of each design ;) hahaha. 
do check out their website for more of their products that are handmade with love :))

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