School’s out!

gosh this space has been so dead recently because life’s been boring. nothing but studying studying…haha okay not really :p actually it’s been pretty unproductive mugging lately :p guess it’s the last semester syndrome! in just four days, i’ll be done with my SMU life and i’m gonna be on a plane to taiwan in just a week’s time!!! (wheeeee ^^ i’m so absolutely excited – though apparently it’s gonna be rainy, which i’m still hoping does not happen :x)
i can’t believe my SMU life is almost over :( well, it’s really almost the end now, just one more exam to go. i’m going to miss school so much! so happy that we spent the last 2 weeks #makingyear4count though! check out our instagram hashtag for all the pics ;) it was really so much fun with the superheroes the last few weeks of school. we literally SPAMMED all the must-do activities haha and i’m so glad for all the memories (and pictures!) that we’re going to take away. SMU wouldn’t have been the same without all these lovelies :’) and especially my favourite boy hehe. who has finished his only exam??!!!! (whuttttt. i’m so jealous. but this is actually quite a refreshing experience for him to be more free than me haha. we are both relishing that feeling :p)
^^^ taken on the (first and) last day of his exams ^^^ 
super love how we always unintentionally come in colour-coordinated outfits :)
okie where shall i start, we did so many things! haha. all photos courtesy of SK’s nice camera ;)
April fool’s day was the last day of class together for us :) so glad that we had some similar mods, makes studying a lot less torturous when we’re all in it together! took a photos around the library (second home…for them haha) and with the sweet cleaning auntie who always says hi to us at the toilet. i was so amazed last semester when i realised she actually recognised me? i always thought it was just a hi-bye sort of thing, but one day she started chatting with me and i was like ‘whoa, she actually remembers me’. it’s incredible, how she recognises all of us who spend time in the library. it’s such a joy bumping into her whenever i visit the washroom :) 
last official day of school, and i didn’t have class! but came to school specially for our campus green picnic x starry nite :))) haha so happy that we managed to have our picnic!! <3 thankful for the skies which held up while we had our picnic. the weather was simply perfect, and we even had a slight breeze! it only started drizzling towards the end and we managed to scramble and finish up all our food (Y) yummy sushi and chicken! always love these cold storage staples ^^
this year’s starry nite was a HUGE eye-opening experience for me!!! haha this was like my third time at starry night, but the first time i actually ventured out of the big steps area. it was like WOW. hahaha let’s just say that now i know why the big steps area feels pretty dead during starry nite :P
the very next day, i travelled down to school for an even more absurd reason!! haha okay not absurd la :P it was to support my funny darling in his ‘closing time’ video :P shall not put it up here bcos he’ll be mortified. haha but it was an epic-ly funny experience. LOL :P finally met up with thad as well! who has been MIA-ing since who-knows-when. and sam brought a yummy bottle of sweet wine which we polished off over a good time catching up :) went to each rochor beancurd as well!!! okay i only koped a bit, but gosh, i’ve really missed it! haha kinda craving it again now that I’m typing this…
the next week was the study week, but when you’re in the last semester…you kinda don’t really feel like studying. I’M SO HAPPY THAT I HAVE NO ACCOUNTING MODS THIS SEM. wheeeee. it feels awesome haha. though having to study is still quite a sian feeling, but no accounting mods? seeing jiayee & rach study (oops sorry girls xP), makes me so relieved that i pushed everything to the previous semester. that was badddd. but now, it’s totally worth it haha. went to eat lunch at The Basement Cafe in school, and for the first time in a long while, we had full attendance!!!!!! :) :) :) super duper happy!! gosh i was searching through our past 4 years of photos, and i realised this photo and a couple more photos we took on this day are the ONLY photos that we have of the 7 of us. unbelievable!!!! O.O we obviously need to have more full-attendence gatherings. i’m so gonna miss them when we start work :'( we must really arrange more dinners/gatherings please. i’m so used to seeing them once every few days, or at least weeks. so much love for them <3 :) 
hehe and we went for Ben & Jerry’s free cone day too!! yippee ^^ no idea whether we can do such things anymore when work starts (probably not…), so really glad that we managed to catch it this time! ate my favourite NEW YORK SUPER FUDGE CHUNK ;) haha think i order that at every free cone day (boring…haha but i like). the queue was way too long to go a second round though…and we were also too full from lunch.
^^^ last welfare drive^^^ 
it’s so awesome that SMU always has such things going on. can’t say no to free food! ;) this time the welfare was not thaaaat good, sadly. but glad that we got it anyway! plus there was a PhotoBooth for us to commemorate our last welfare ;) and a free movie ticket haha. 
still have one last photo from Loof! haha sk if you see this, upload to dropbox please? ^^ hehe. i’ll update again when i’ve gotten the photo. four more days to goooo!


last day of study week at Loof! (: to celebrate the end of our week of (not-so-productive) mugging. time really flew past that week :P hahaha. almost full attendance except for jiayee who was not feeling well :(

Loof has a SUPER good happy hour btw!!! for those who need some convincing to scurry off work early… (just kidding). from 5pm-5.59pm, house pours, selected beer and spirits go for $5++ only!!! that is a really awesome deal! definitely one of the cheapest i’ve seen so far. and subsequently
$6++ from 6pm-6.59pm
$7++ from 7pm-7.59pm

so of course, early bird gets the worm ;)

the best part? you’ve gotta order these orgasmic Chilli Crab Cheese Fries ($14). these were THE BOMB. love cheese fries? check. love Chilli Crab (sauce)? check. the combination was simply fantastic! it had a delicious punchy flavour, with the melt-in-your-mouth cheese and luscious chilli crab sauce complementing the crisp fries to great effect.

331 North Bridge Road,
#03-07 Odeon Towers
Tel.: +65 9773 9304
Mon-Thu 5pm-1am
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH 5pm-3am
Closed on Sun


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