Restaurant Week II: The Glass House

helloooo! i know i’m super laggy with my post but here’s my second Restaurant Week experience :)) it was my second day in a row, but really glad that we could make it for this as a family! we booked super last minute, and i was expecting that there would be no available seats at all. but *surprise surprise*, there were! and i guess this wasn’t one of the best, i preferred Taratata Bistro, but it was a good experience nonetheless! and course, the company is the most important ^^ haha next Restaurant Week must book earlier already, so that we can get a nicer restaurant ;)

Roasted Pumpkin Salad
Delicious with a smattering of ingredients including spiced pumpkin, couscous, goat cheese, candied walnuts, cherry tomato confit on a bed of romaine lettuce. thank goodness the taste of goat cheese wasn’t too strong! in fact, i liked how it added a kick to the flavour of the salad. 

Chili Prawn Bisque
This had a robust flavour, kind of like lobster bisque. but it would have been better if it was creamier/thicker.

Maryland-style Crab Cake
My favourite appetiser out of the three! if only it wasn’t so tiny though >.< but i loved the fluffy crab meat within, which was delightfully paired with a refreshing apple salad and remoulade sauce.

Tamarind Braised Pork Belly
Super loved this!!!! In fact, i really liked both the mains :) the braised pork belly was really tasty (though it could definitely have been much more tender!) and the sweet potato touches were simply WOW. beautiful sweet potato mash that was delectably creamy with a natural sweetness, and this contrasted with the crisp sweet potato chips on the side. who knew there were so many uses for sweet potato! (gonna try to re-create this in my kitchen sometime!!) it also came with a yummy apple chill tamarind chutney which was paired really well with the pork :) 

Roasted Garlic Sea Bass
Fragrant with the aroma of garlic, i really liked how all the flavours of this dish came together really well from the fish curry seasoned couscous to the braised sea bass and the orange & shallot salad :)

This was pretty normal!

Sticky Toffee Date Cake
Believe it or not, this is my first time trying sticky date cake!! haha xP so sua ku right. but because i’ve never really liked dates (gosh those in chinese soups are just…ew) so i’ve never ordered this dessert. ever. but there’s always a first – and i’ve changed my mind! it tastes nothing like the red dates i dislike :P of course, being my first time trying it, i can’t really compare it to anything else. but i really liked how this cake was super moist, and sinful, really, but absolutely delicious.

The Glass House
Hotel Fort Canning
Tel.: +65 6559 6760


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