Lady M

MILLE CREPES. LADY M. SO GOOD. i’m so glad i finally tried it! ^^ i’ve seen so many pictures on instagram since Lady M opened in Singapore and i always couldn’t wait to dig my fork into one of its yummy-looking crepes! i actually didn’t realise that Lady M sold quite a few varieties of cakes other than mille crepes! in fact, there were only two flavours. which made it easier for us ;) we ordered both of them! hehe. 
we ordered the signature mille crepe and green tea mille crepe, which i believe is a seasonal flavour. it has been around for awhile though. i’m glad i had the chance to try it!! ^^ both flavours were really yummy in different ways – it was incredible how each layer was so painstakingly stacked on top of each other. absolutely justifies the price (i think it was $9/slice). and it was so amazing how it was so wonderfully moist and oozing with just the right amount of cream! 
the signature mille crepe had a slightly milky flavour with a creme brûlée burnished top, whereas the top of the green tea version was sprinkled with matcha powder! soooo yummy, but if i had to pick a favourite, it’d be the green tea one (: 
finally met up with debbie after she got back from exchange!!! :) had such a lovely time catching up with her and i’m glad that we still have so many things to talk about even after so many years! <3 
Lady M
Marina Square #02-103
Tel.: +65 6822 2095
Daily 11am-9pm (ooh i realised we actually reached there after 9am! :O luckily they still let us in :’))

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